2022 Food Safety Manager Certification

Take. Your. Time. when you take the test. Our "class" is a bunch of online modules. You take a practice test to get access to register for the real one. We took our test at our district office wth the District admin. as the proctor.

Pay attetion to Temperature Controlled Foods, as there are a lot of questions that pertain to that. You can take all the time you need to take the test and I suggest you do it. I'm fairly well-versed in Food Safety as I, at the time, was both ServSafe and Target Manager Certified (I recently had to re-up). The temperature sensitive questions can really trip you up if you don't pay attention to them during the modules.

Good Luck!!
1. memorize any info with a temperature
2. Read questions carefully
Some are worded strangely
3. Go with your first instinct- answers I overthought and changed were right the first time
4. Read through a Serv Safe practice test on line - questions are much the same

good luck
I was sent out of town with our ETL-HR to sit through a morning-long lecture on food safety and in the afternoon we were given a test. You were notified a few months if you passed or not. If so good, if not you were sent back to do it over at your store's expense.
There should be a study guide at the end after the pretest that you can print off that gives you all the information you need to know summarized in a packet. That and taking the pretest more than once helped me. I took a bunch of notes but it was a waste of time honestly.
If I passed the test you can too. The class will be nothing like the test so pay attention because you may need to recall information mentioned but not in the book.