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Nov 19, 2012
I became the key TM for prepping the ad a few weeks ago. This morning, the "ad captain" came over to me and said there were complaints about how the ad was set up. I asked for examples and he said that the 3x5s were not in sequence. Of course I've been doing it the same way for over a month and this is the first I'm hearing of it.

Best practice on workbench says sort into block and aisle. I'm sorry, but sorting into sequence just isn't going to happen when someone else decides to help me out when I'm not there and/or I'm prepping a 7000+ piece ad. The presorts should already be in sequence, but when I have to insert POGs later on it gets tricky.

The guy acts like he's a TL (he's not) and loves to talk down to people. He had the audacity to ask if I had been trained on how to prep the ad. Funny, because he left me hanging with about a 3ft stack of ad that was unfinished a couple of Sundays ago when he left early (which was my first time doing ad setup on Sunday morning).

I want to call the guy out on his BS, but in a totally Spot way. What would you recommend?


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Jun 10, 2011
Sort in sequence?
As in the way they laid out down the aisle?
If they aren't already stacked that way I sure don't see someone having the time to set them up that way.
Most of the time though if you've put them in the bin by aisle number the block should be roughly in sequence.

The best way to call somebody out like that is to politely ask for full and complete demonstration of work they want.
After all you want to learn and it's very important that you provide exactly what they want.
You wouldn't want to make their job more difficult but you're not sure how to go about doing what he needs in the time provided, so could he please demonstrate.
You're sure he could do this because after all he is the 'ad captain.'

I was the 'ad captain'.
I treated my people well and they respected me.
Jun 8, 2011
I would go with commie's suggestion on the ad prep. Then, you should give that person a "common" sign & see what they say on that. Spot is doing away with those signs. Print the ad guide too.
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