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Oct 5, 2012
It's been a really fast 3.5 weeks with spot. An awesome opportunity related to my field of study has fallen in my lap out of the blue and I'm taking it. Plus although working AP has been very rewarding and interesting I can't see me lasting too long in an organization who scolds me for stopping a guy who takes two DVDs OUT of the CASES, and puts them in his pocket. Yeah.. he totally intended on paying for those before leaving right? It's absolutely normal to take products out of their cases and leave the cases on the shelf because all you wanted was the disc right? Everyone does that..

Its been real! I've gained an interesting insight into the world that is Target. I sincerely applaud you all for what you voluntarily deal with in Spot daily from both guests and even your own peers/leadership. I will continue to go to Target like I always have. However, I'm a much better GUEST than I am an APS lol.

As for the site/forums I'll likely linger for awhile since yall are so cool haha.



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Jun 10, 2011
Congratulations and good luck.
Nice to have you along for the ride, hope to hear from you in the future.


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Jun 16, 2011
It's great that you have had the chance to see how the world of retail works.....even in3.5 weeks you've probably already learned more than you realize.
Since you've been a TM you are always a TM and welcome back at your store any time. It's nice to know that we've converted you into being a great guest!

Good luck! Earn lots of money! and.....HAVE FUN!

Here's sending you the vibe~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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