Archived All shades of red are acceptable at Target?

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Nov 3, 2011
It says in the handbook that any shade of red is acceptable at Target. Has anyone ever had a problem with team leads over certain shades of red?
ETL-GE coached a certain front end TM because they were wearing maroon... Lol.

I think a lot of Team Leads don't even know the rules lol.
ETL-GE coached a certain front end TM because they were wearing maroon... Lol.

I think a lot of Team Leads don't even know the rules lol.

I don't think they do. I also think that even if they are right on something, they don't go about telling you they are in the right in the fashion that a professional would. The guy, when I asked him what kind of colors are acceptable in the red group, just handed me the handbook in the break room as if he wanted to break my face in.

The funny thing is that only this one team lead obsesses about that. ETLs don't seem to pay attention to that too much, nor do the other team leads.

I know this is something of a non-issue, but I wanted to know if I was alone in this situation. I guess I'm not.
I had a GSTL comment on how my shirt was maroon and it should be red like his FFF polo with spot on it... I asked him how many times he had to wash his shirt to make it as faded and pink as his was... Then we laughed.

My store is just full of smart asses, I don't think anyone at my loc care about what shade of red as long as it isn't wayyyyy off like purple or orange.
I got away with burgundy a few times. One of my coworkers got away with orange at least once. I think we had more leeway on the O/N shift though.
I know Walmart has a chart of what's acceptable for blue shirts and khaki pants but I never saw anything like that at Target.
At walmart we have a poster showing the shades of blue and kakhi we can wear. Ranging from sky blue to a dark navy blue. I wear the dark Navy blue T shirt simply because I find it more "manly" as for kakhis i just wear the cargo kakhis i had from my time at Target.

Target should do the same really.
My store is incredibly lenient on what team members can wear. I've seen every shade/style of khaki and a practical rainbow of red. Pinks... fire engine red... burnt pumpkin... if it's kinda red, you can wear it. Our team loves to wear different colored shirts under their red(ish) shirts for style too. Brand? Maybe not completely... but we have a very fast fun and friendly store.
Shades of Khaki

If you go back to that employee hand book you'll see that Khaki pants are not required they are preferred....
what year? I was hired on in 2009 but got a 2006 handbook. showed someone else as CEO, not Grig.
I have the most recent handbook and WaveRider is correct, it says "we ask that you wear a red top (any shade of red is fine, but not orange, pink or purple) and solid color pants (preferably khaki)." I've worn various colored shirts (even striped) with a red vest and my STL has never said anything (other than he liked my vest). As long as the "red" is on top and solid, I don't think they'll say much. The only time I've heard of our STL saying anything to anyone was once when a new TM wore a somewhat see-through shirt with a black bra underneath...he made her put a hoodie on over it because it was a bit....shall we say....revealing:girl_impossible:
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