Archived AP giftcard for catching internal theft.

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Sep 15, 2011
Has anyone heard of a team member recieving a target gift card for turning someone in for internal theft? I remember seeing something about it a while back but can't remember the details, ie what the crime has to be, is there a certain amount of theft that has to happen, and how much is the giftcard you get for turning them in worth?
I've been told that now a days they can't give gift cards any more.
Something about having to take taxes out of them.
But yea, I have heard that you there are prizes for turning in thieves.
Any of you ap guys/gals know? It's actually for me, I'm down to working weekends now... Loving my other job btw, I turned someone in right before I went down to weekends and heard through a fellow GSA that the person I ratted out got canned. Just curious bc I haven't been there for a while to know if I'll get anything out of it besides a great team card and a pat on the back from the etl ap. I swear the paper I read said something about a $500 giftcard but i may have added an extra 0 on the end.
TMs can get giftcards, but over a certain value has to be taxed. I think the limit is $25 = tax.
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