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    Would someone please explain to me what is ART and why is it so disliked? I asked this question many years ago on a different forum and all I was told is that it sucked.
  2. Automated Receiving Technology. An extendoveyor line is put into the trailer being unloaded. Box is then thrown on the line with vendor barcode facing up or to the sides. The box is then taken past a laser scanner array, reading the barcode and then stamping a label on the box and sending up to the mezz for it's final destination (Outbound if it's conveyable flow, breackpack flow line for the breackpack flow). If the barcode can't be read or is deemed reserve, the carton is spat out onto reserve line. Here TM's manually receive the freight and apply a label to get sent upstairs, or (if reserve) build it into pallets or carts for the warehouse puts team to deal with.

    At least where I'm at, most of the IB guys prefer ART, because it's almost guaranteed prod for them, but your location may vary. That said, I've heard some not like throwing in ART, but when you get right down to it, it's really not much worse than working OB doors, perhaps even easier.
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  3. Howdy, I work in Inbound, exclusively in ART. a lot of people dislike it because the pace is usually non-stop fast, and due to too many outside varibles production numbers are usually impossible to meet. Throwing in the truck is usually reserved for temps and brand new hires, and is probably the most physically demanding job in the DC. Overall, if you like to work hard, quick and effectively it's not a bad job.

    Edit: I have worked the OB doors before for cross-training and it's not as bad as trying to throw 16 cpm for 12 hours :p
  4. Having spent years in both IB and OB, I would prefer to work in ART all day, every day for a week over one day in lanes in OB. Each has their advantages/disadvantages. Physically, lanes is harder, but I find it easier to get decent prod in ART when with a good team. If you're a social being, lanes = torture because I compare it to solitary confinement, whereas there are always others around you in ART.
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    I would take a day throwing small appliances in ART over a day working garbage freight on the manual docks
  6. Or a day in non con working nothing but bookshelves (all fallen so you can't even clamp them) and rugs:mad:. ART is heaven when you have a baller team that can work with one another and know what to do without being told.
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  7. Speaking of garbage freight, anyone one else's building decide to run P&G, Unilever, or J&J through fast flow instead of ART? Who the hell thought that would be a good idea!? 4k carton, 100+ item loads are NOT efficient MD freight. However, we seem to be using them to train first week NH, so I guess it makes a little sense
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    Haven't seen that, that belongs in an ra door typically . If I had that on the dock I'd be quick to inform my gl that it's inefficient to run it there especially in fast flow to many pallets to drag out
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    You know, I was thinking of Clorox for some reason and lumped that with the others.

    No, I haven't seen P&G, etc. on the MD. That's nuts.
  11. Maybe it's just my Key Lol, last weekend we had a laundry detergent pallet truck, unknown RSV/RSL truck, bulk reserve cereal and a truck with 600 bulky non-con that they all wanted worked through art.
  12. I worked a J&J load a couple weeks ago on the manual dock. Worked out pretty well. Mostly reserve. 3-4 layers per type of baby food with 20 something per layer. finished it fairly quickly and finished at about 200% for the day. Not too bad considering it is easy to move to pallet and is nice and lite.
  13. J&J thru ART via RAA, almost always.
    P&G and Unilever will go to the dock if item count is below 150. They're really not that bad.