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Jan 15, 2012
Our store has this policy where they claim no TM is allowed to close their weekend availability, and they can't guarantee you one night off per weekend for school, but it's bogus. I had to change my availability for school and I can't be there before 6 on thursdays. When I talked to my etl, I told him I would open up my friday nights if I would not have to work all three night, because it doesn't leave me time to get my school work done. He said it was fine, and then proceeded to schedule me to close all three night the next two weeks in a row. My etl-hr told me they can't guarantee me one night off, and they don't offer it to anyone because it's not fair if some employees never have to close. We have (at least!) two employees that are never required to close weekends. One is rarely, and I mean RARELY scheduled weekends at all, and has no closing availability, but always gets 30 hours. The other is a college student who always gets the hours she wants, she is allowed to leave friday nights off her schedule, and is scheduled every Saturday, but NEVER required to close. She also never closes on holidays like Christmas and New years eve, but always gets scheduled. I am willing to work fri, sat, sun, but closing all three nights makes it very hard to do anything else, and now they are telling me I can't even take one of those nights off, even though I just added fridays like two weeks ago. There are a lot of employees dealing with these things, and one was even wrongfully terminated for it, and then rehired at another store per the district manger because of the nightmare. I just want to have a fair schedule and be able to get my school work done.
Your store sound weird, because in every store I have been in they have enforced the 2 out of 3 rule, where you can take one day from the weekend as unavailable but the rest need to be open... or at least be equivalent to that (such as half of Friday and half of Saturday)... If it were me I would straight up tell my HR that I need to close out one weekend day for homework since I don't have time during the week with everything, and tell them it doesn't matter to you so they can pick which day for you to not be available! Whatever they pick YOU need to change your availability to reflect it so they can't "accidentally" schedule you for it... If that doesn't work I would question the integrity of your store and question their actual focus on work life balance...
I am only available Friday nights, because of classes during the day, but they still wont guarantee me one night off. I even said I would work during the day. I put in to not be available after 6pm on Sundays, but they are acting like they just can't approve it. If they refuse to work with me, can I go to the integrity hotline? I have specific examples and facts that they do this for other team members.
How long have those team members worked there? Longer than you? I know from time to time people come in with a more limited availability but are hired to fill a need or a certain role that closing isnt always needed so they might never close or you may hardly see them on weekends. A former price change team member, a former planogram team member a cash office specialist, etc anything that doesnt need to close could have been hired with a less open availability. They could have sense switched work centers without changing it so thats why they never get scheduled those shifts you mention. It does suck and I would think they would work with you on your schedule esp for school but if your nothing all that special (which I know nothing about you) it might just be easier to replace you if you cant do the shifts they need you. Harsh? Yes, but true.
the girl who is never scheduled to close saturdays or holidays has been there maybe two or three months longer, she is the exact same level of team member, and she knows how to do nothing I don't know how to do. In fact, I'm trained on signing, labels etc. They just give her a Saturday mid shift every week, and never ask her to open up her fridays. I'm just questioning how they can tell me it's their store policy, if they are not applying it to everyone.
Some stores also get their set schedules for certain team members. Sometimes its just easier to know so and so is strong at this and we have a limited crew on this day so we will make sure they work this shift every week. I know when I was a sales floor team member I opened every Saturday and closed every sunday as it was a deal I worked out with my ETLs. While I had a more open availability they could count on me to run the show in the season department during the busy seasons and get things done. Maybe these people who are getting these shifts you are talking about have a talent?
nope, one is a fitting room/operator. I was in that position for an entire year. One is just a regular hardlines team member. I am cross trained, I can push market, do everything she can do. She is just a regular team member. no special place or abilities, talents, training etc. The FRA is the same, even less so. nothing special at all. In fact, pretty lazy.
i'm not looking for any kind of special treatment, I just want to be able to have one out of the three nights off, not even the whole day. If it's okay for some employees, why can't it be worked out? Is this something I can report?
yes and yes. When I first agreed to open up my availability and changed it, my etl told me it was fine to not close all three, when he scheduled it anyways, I talked to my etl-hr she said they could not accomodate that, and also told me that there was little chance of them allowing me to remove one evening from my availability, not the whole day, just the evening. I requested to be unavailable after 6 on sundays and they are "going to see." I didn't want a specific day that way, I was willing to be flexible on which day I didn't close, esp since I'm also available Thursday nights.
it's possible that your availability request was put in after the schedule was already made, MAX will usually tell you when your new availability will take effect, if that wasn't the case then submit a new one....

honestly i'd just keep pressing the issue until they give in. in my store they usually rotate tms around the weekends(open, mid, close) so they don't get burnt out. it's school, which is more important... also, in my store, only the team leads are required to have open availability
they won't approve the availability. No matter when I put it in. They refuse to rotate team members.
I quit last june for the exact same reason,on tl tried to help and changed my availability so i would not technicaly have to close every ight,but the hr would only schedule me on the days i could close.friday,sat,sun,mon and off the rest of the week....her reason was that i would do such a good job in softline....
I came back a couple of months ago on the flow team,and chose to put unavailable( with the help of a tl who advised me to do so) on the weekend!!! Of course,as a flow tm ,we don t get many hours ,but i pick up shift whenever i want !!!
My advice,try to find a tl who will help you !!!
I do the entire schedule for my store. I set as few shifts as possible -- Only for TMs with specific functions that must occur at specific times (i.e. Brand TMs). I pay very close attention to what MAX generates every week, and try to do as few edits as possible. As a rule, edits tend to reverse/negate the natural shift rotation produced by MAX. If I notice patterns emerge, like certain TMs closing/working every weekend or being scheduled for AD set every Sunday, I know it's time to increase headcount ... Payroll is rising and/or total TM available hours is shrinking. Stores that effectively set their entire schedules are basically using MAX as a time-marking program ... It's more sophisticated then that, and more costly for Target as a result. (Although to be sure, MAX is far from perfect.) If I was scheduling your store, you wouldn't be closing every weekend night, but your average hours would also be lower as well.
I only want three days a week. This is another thing I have mentioned. I am available Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday. I don't understand why it'd not possible for me to just be allowed one not closing shift on the three weekend nights, if it's possible for other team members. I have two team leaders that are helpful at my store, but my etl-hr and stl put their foot down and that's it. I just want to know if there is anything I can do to get around it. I don't take reporting things lightly, but it seems like an abuse of the system if one regular team member gets special treatment while others are told there is no special treatment. And our store is already on the watch list from best team surveys and other things. I just want to be able to have time for school without all the hassle. They also tell me I am non transferrable.
Challenge your ETL-HR regarding your availability. Bring the "work/life balance" into play, and tell her how the balance is being thrown off by not having a night set aside for school work.
School is one of the few things that Spot does seem to give much room for, as long as you are being fair in what you off er they should be fair in return.
I don't understand when the team leads think they can tell you what you can and cannot work. They really can't do that. If you are not available to close a day or work a night they really can't tell you no. They can warn you that your hours will decrease but a team members availability is ultimately up to them.
I would think so, but they are giving me and a few other people hell about it. One girl was illegally terminated in the system and had to transfer. I want a specific practice or example to cite, or some procedure or something to follow that says, no you have to work with me. I gave them a choice. I said I will be flexible about which day, I will switch from week to week, whatever. I also would remain with open availability to make it easier. it's just really shady how some people get such incredibly good treatment while others are falsely accused of things, have false coachings on their file or whatever, have been cussed out by a manger, and have been told they were marked down in areas of their review that don't apply "just because we don't like you." I really want to find a way to go over them with this. There are a lot of good employees at my store getting this.
I think the people at my start are vindictive but if you need a day and you are not getting it, you could always put those shifts on the swap or call out. You can call corporate if you have to, that's the last thing any STL wants a team member to do. Have you talked to your STL after getting nowhere with HR and your ETL?
I'm going to paraphrase someone. "It's the economy, stupid."
They can do whatever they want with the schedule. If you don't like it, you can quit and they'll hire someone else for a little less pay and get them to work all weekends. That's just how it is now. Sorry.
The only person worse than our etl-hr is our stl. She is very very vindictive. I made one complaint to corporate because my seniortl adn another team lead were talking to an entire closing team about hating me and nothing was done. at all. She told them to write me up for making a big deal about it. It's scary to be at my store. That's why I want some specific rule, example, or procedure I can use to win this, or at least to get them to transfer me.
That's too bad, if it's that bad I would definitely look into transferring to another target. There doesn't seem to be anyone that you can turn to and the way target is set up you need to have at least one person in your corner. Try to find out why they find fault with you and not others. I make sure that I have a good relationship with just about everyone in the store because you never know when you might need someone to be in your corner. I try not to make waves unless it's something really important to me just nod your head and try to do what you think is best. But really the swap shift board is your friend, there are people who don't want to work and plenty of people who need the money. Be smart about it.
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