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May 29, 2012
I had been jonesing to do some cross training on the sales floor, and am trying to patiently out my 90 days (still not at 60). But, again, I had an ETL come to me yesterday to tell me I am considered one of the top performers in the store. Not having been there two months yet, that scares me a bit. Said ETL told me what I will hear more about later is that they want to get me to start helping out watching the front lanes and such.

Umm...ok....what exactly does this involve, does this mean I am destined to live my life at Spot up in the front end, and am I going to be hated by every other cashier for this since I am, in fact, still the newest cashier?
they have to pick top performers every month so you must have stuck out and they recognized you for it! Don't be scared, it's a good thing. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be good. If you wanted to learn the sales floor let them know! they might cross train you before the 90 days (my store does just so people can pick up hours and we can be more staffed if someone calls out or goes on vacation) and no, if you don't want to stay at the front end i'm sure you could move. Talk to your TL or ETL about it!
I was a top performer last month, as well. At least I know I should make it past the probationary period.

I had talked with this ETL last month about cross training and told her I was interested in sales floor. She said they held to the 90 days but was already dreaming then about giving me something with "more responsibility."
that's awesome! maybe they see some TL potential in you and are wanting to develop you that way.
Keep it up.
One of our cashiers was moved to GSA as soon as her 90 days are up.
Another ETL and I talked last week and he wanted to get me on the path to growing my leadership abilities and see where my interests were. I told him I was interested in sales floor, and he asked me if I'd be more interested in a TL position of sorts or GSA. I told him I wasn't sure. He said that was fine and it made sense to maybe try both areas. So maybe the idea of watching over the front lanes would be the first step in trying both areas?

Interestingly enough, I was worried when I started about not getting enough hours. Now, with school starting soon, it's looking like I might have the opposite problem! Hopefully when my availability changes, that will cut me down a bit.

I so want to go back to my former employer of three years, who never had anything nice to say about me and never even considered giving me a raise and point out that I'm not the failure and worthless employee they so desperately wanted me to be.
Sounds like you are being looked at for a GSA position. And they want you to start watching the lanes for GSA/GSTL lunches and breaks.
Cool beans.
Sounds like they are looking to move you up.
Keep up the good work and soak up everything you can.
Awesome job! While there is nothing incorrect about choosing either front lanes of sales floor, the step into GSA as opposed to sales floor can be considered a bit wider.

If you are being asked to supervise the front, whether it be as a GSA or even a GSTL, they would have likely identified in you a sense of urgency, problem solving skills, excelling customer service, self-reliance, and some form of potential for leadership. As much as you may not have cared for the position you were hired into, sometimes things like that end up having a good payoff ultimately in the form of future opportunities.
Thank you. I appreciate that, and I needed to hear that. I guess I just need to be patient.

It's just obnoxious to me that anyone else from a different area can be trained into cashiering under their 90 days and pick up shifts...but since they might have to back up the lanes, they can do that. But if you are a cashier, that's your station in life for those first 90 days.

Honestly, I don't mind it. In the end, it's a job and a paycheck. I'm just bored. :p
Honestly, I don't mind it. In the end, it's a job and a paycheck. I'm just bored. :p

I know how you feel, I waited over a year before they would give me any sales floor training. Cashing does get old very quickly. If you are interested in being trained as a GSA, by all means, go for it. However, it would probably help you more if you were trained on the sales floor and especially at Guest Service first.
If you have downtime while you're cashiering and it's a slow day, ask if you can help out on the floor with push or strays, or to cashier in electronics if they are busy. That was my first step onto the floor. Of course, at first it was hard to find where things go but after a while it's easy to pick up. I would always ask if I heard the ETLs walking and talking about all the strays that were backed up, and they eventually just started pulling me to work them, or to zone an area if there were call outs. I eventually started picking up sales floor shifts with the consent of ETL-HL and then one day after some tms were termed I mentioned to clerical that I'd heard they were having trouble filling the sf schedule, and that I knew how to answer the phone... and then voila! Next schedule I was all Fitting Room/Operator and SF!
That's been my strategy so far. If they ask me if I want to do something, I smile and say yes enthusiastically. Like I said in the chat box, I am becoming an official trainer for cashiering. They didn't ask me so much as they said, "here go do this" which is totally fine. I feel pretty confident on the registers and already answer questions for team members who don't cashier as often as I do.

Of course, sadly, that's everyone right now. Looking at the weekly sheet, I did 2.5 times the number of orders as the second most person last week. I think I've done more orders than everyone for the past month. I'm not the only person that's solely cashier. So I'm trying to figure that out.

So I'm happy to help train for whoever comes through. I just hope that that doesn't mean I'll have to forever be only a cashier!
If they trained someone to be a TL or GSTL, don't they have to transfer them to a different store?
They do at mine...I'm not sure if it's every Target or not. I always found that policy kind of odd. At my old job, if someone got promoted, you sucked it up and took orders from them.
I'm just training to be a trainer right now for new hires for cashiering. I'm still wearing the badge of "newest cashier in the store" which is about the worst place to be on the totem pole, as near as I can tell. TL/GSA/whatever they are aiming me for is still a bit down the line, I'm sure.
They asked me about being TL of POG or Elec, but I declined. I assume it was for my store since we needed those at the time.
be persistent if you want to learn sales floor, they told me something similar when i was trying to get backroom shifts, but i dont want to be a babysitter (as of right now)
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