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I am going to tell you right now - stop it.

It is clear to me that the issue isn't your team members, it's you.

Basically you come in on your first day and decide to coach a TM before you even clock in for your first shift. (this is mistake number 1, and pretty much guarantees no one on your team will trust you from day one.... and yes, word about what you did WILL get around to your team.... probably to everyone at the front end in 24 hours) So your TM made a PG-13 joke with you. Instead of rolling with it like a mature adult, you get your feelings hurt and write her up. Really??? This is Target, not a damn corporate office. You are dealing with young people working part time. They aren't going to make jokes like corporate employees who are 40 years old. Freaking deal with it.

Let me tell you something I learned the hard way as a TL - your title doesn't make people respect you, your behavior towards them does.

People on this site don't like me because I am direct and real with people, but in real life I was actually one of the most respected TLs in my store. Why? I didn't go around expecting TMs to kiss my ass or be two face with people. Nor did I sit there and be a candy ass and ignore ETLs and other TLs who talked down to them like you did. I talked to TMs like professionals, not kids, and I expected other leaders to also. Sorry, but "I will be your new GSTL" is intended to make it clear to that TM that they are beneath you from the moment you meet them. Trust me, they all know who the new GSTL is before you even speak to them. You don't need to go around reminding them. Of course no one acts social and friendly after an introduction like that - you intimidated them, and you damn well know that was the intent. Obviously they aren't going to be buddy buddy with you.

The fact you have two TMs already acting hostile towards you with your little power-introduction tells me that your "I'm your boss, respect me" attitude is taking a nose dive.

You can't earn respect by coaching TMs from day one because they don't kiss your ass the moment you walk in the door. Keep it up, and I promise you will be out the door. If you want to be respected, be respectful. Yes, it's really that simple.

"will even be giv en thbe opportunity to prove that I will stick up for my team if need be"

Yea, because going in coaching TMs on day one really sends that message. :huh:

"I just told her if she ever has a problem she can always speak to me"

Yea, because they are certainly going to trust the new GSTL they have known for 1 day who decided to start things off by writing TMs up. I'm sure they'll confide their deepest secrets and whatever problems they are having to you so you can use them against them later on.
You need to know the back story before you can can start sorting things out.
The tough part about being a new boss is you have no idea what the dynamic was before you got there.
Maybe there was a much loved boss who got pushed out and people aren't happy about it, maybe they have been under an ongoing series of poor managers and they just see you as the same old wine in a brand new bottle.
Ask around, get as much information as you can, eat lunch with your coworkers, listen, be like the Fonz, be cool.
Once you start getting a handle on what the history, tailor your management style to focus on those issues.
if i was a cashier and you walked in and said "hi i will be your new GSTL" i wouldn't care either. You're walking into a store where SOMEONE there wanted your position and cashiers there wanted their friend to get this position. This is a part time job to most people and they don't care at all.
You need to concentrate on proving that you can do this job, that you're respectful, and you're going to be part of the team. Yes, you're their team lead, but they don't know you. Back off a bit and give it a couple of weeks and you should be fine.
Thumbalina - just be patient, you also may be meeting people who wanted that position, or have an attitude everyday.

You cannot come in and be the enforcer on day one. You are a leader, and will be respected if you are fair.
We have a few Tl's including a GSTL who bake all the time for us. I think it's really thoughtful. And there are tm who bake things and share them as well. I don't see the problem with that.

It doesn't really matter why the previous GSTL left - just be the best person you can, learn something new each day and you will be a fine leader.
I didn't erase because I didn't like it. I respect everyone's opinions and truly do value them after all you guys have been in target longer than I have. I deleted it because I felt I gave too much information thus nullifying my anonymity. Do you have a reason for attempting to be cruel?
Even state of target said things that I truly find helpful and I do appreciate they called it out as they see it and I will work on my behavior after all you live and you learn.
Thumb, I don't think it was cruelty that motivated the post.
The web and forums in general have certain kinds of posting etiquette.
If you start a thread asking for advice you have to expect brutal honesty.
You do have the right not to be trolled but usually the other posters will deal with such maggots.
If you have to edit or delete (especially the bulk of a thread) it's important to put a reason in the post, otherwise you will get slammed.
It isn't personal, I promise.
Thank you, I will keep that in mind next time. Yes, I deleted my thread because I felt I gave too much information, sorry if everyone felt it was rude I am not only new to target but new to fourms as well. I do expect and want brutal honesty. I think I' just too stressed and I just started! I hope you guys can understand, I walked into the store applying for something that wasn't TL but was recommended for TL...when I go in for orientation and everything else a lot of my co workers tell me what an as***** my boss is and when I speak to my ETL the first thing he says is come a month from now these team members will be out of the job I hate them all they don't do their freaking job. I was really trying to help the girl out I know what its like to be laid ofI we all work because we have to not because we really desperatly want to. I have 2 kids and a husband and a disabled mother in law that depend on myself and my husband for support so yes, I take my job seriously and I'm sorry if people see that as a reiterate what I had previouslysstated I didn't come in my first day and say I'm gonnna be your new freaking gstl you better take me to orientation...I said hi would you please direct me to orientation she asked for what? Cashier? I said no gstl she then mumbled ***** so yes I was taken aback and I turned to this fourm for advice and someone said to go to my ETL or HR ETL and that's exactly what I did I didn't take maters into my own hand
1. Step back & reset.
2. Park in plain sight of the parking lot cameras for a while.
3. Thicken up your skin a little. You'll need it.
Girls at that age can be vicious beyond feral & they may try to use this to set you up for a whole lotta ugly. How you deal with it will determine the outcome.
Thank you, I will keep that in mind next time. Yes, I deleted my thread because I felt I gave too much information, sorry if everyone felt it was rude I am not only new to target but new to fourms as well. I do expect and want brutal honesty. I think I' just too stressed and I just started

First off, you can't let the job or the people get to you.
Like redeye said the young ones are can be almost feral and smell blood in the water.
The older ones will just ignore you if they don't have a reason to respect you.

If you don't mind another suggestion on posting, try breaking up your post a bit.
You don't have to do it into single sentences (my posting habits date back to the early days of the net) but a large block of text is hard to read in a thread.
Tends to make it easy for people to tl/dr (too long, didn't read) even if it's a fairly short post.
Thank you commie! I will keep that in mind.
Out of curiosity out of all the people who replied and stated I was the many are actually GSTL's?
A few of whom replied either are or were GSTLs or GSAs, which doesn't matter too much because everyone here has had experiences with 'good' & 'bad' GSTLs/GSAs.

All the GSTLs, GSAs at my store were on point except for one GSA who constantly looked like she has never been laid in years..
I probably would've been hostile too. I don't automatically respect GSTL's simply because they're GSTL's, they have to give me a reason to give two sh*t's about their title. Sure, I'll do what they ask, but only because I could lose my job otherwise. But that's not respect, that just means I can do my job. We have several new GSA's at my store, and I didn't respect a single one of them until I decided they were friendly and good. One of them is so backwards and unsure of how to do anything, but she's so friendly that I don't even care and am very willing to do as she asks (not that she ever really does).

I'm a TM, frontlanes, and I can honestly say that I would never respect a GSTL who got butthurt over a little joke. I would also never respect a GSTL who thought it proper to coach another TM or write anybody up on the first day, that seems like an abuse of power, like you're doing it just to prove you can.

My old GSA would crack inappropriate jokes, it was nice to know you didn't have to be super super careful about everything you said, he could take a joke and everybody knew where the line was. So we respected him.

I wouldn't respect you, I would probably go out of my way to avoid you just because I knew I couldn't be anything but hostile. (Granted I would try very hard to pretend I was indifferent to the leadership change.)

And RedandKhaki has a point, I'm betting another TM or GSA wanted that job, it'll take them awhile to get over the fact that they didn't get it. You should just hang in the background, do your job but don't be all up in people's faces about it.

I would respect a friendly GSTL, one who cracked jokes, was helpful without being overbaring or annoying, and one who didn't look down on me or act superior. Golden rule here, girl. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
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