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I seem to remember a thread at the old site about this. Yesterday, we had Donald Sutherland in our store. Seems he was making a movie in the area. I guess he was in last weekend also but I missed it. Of course, I only saw the back of his head. He was going through the express and I was all the way down on 17. My GSA was funny. She circled the area "supervising" a few times while he was there.


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I worked at one store where there was a lot of country music artists. Did returns for Wynnona Judd. Saw Amy Grant and Vince Gill. Supposedly a TM tried to get Alan Jackson's autograph in the bathroom.

Casey Mears did a NASCAR promotion in one of my store's parking lots. Saw the local Public Access show guy who plays a local version of Larry the Cable Guy. Then several local TV anchors came in as well.

I had my 2nd job's TV station anchors visit my store between newscasts.
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Well, Donald was in again yesterday. Walked right past my register. I gather he tried to buy champaign and didn't have his ID on him. Don't know what happened. And the director of the movie came thru the register right in front of mine yesterday.


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These are Donald's current movies being filmed from IMDB...
Dawn Rider (filming)

2012 The Hunger Games (filming)
President Snow

My brother bought a beer for Keifer Sutherland in an Atlanta bar in exchange for a punch in the arm. Now he goes around saying Jack Bauer punched him.
Famous people

I swear we had a thread about this but can't find it...

Anyway, Meredith from The Office (Kate Flannery) went through my line about 2 hours ago...
Some jackass who plays for the Orlando Magic. I dont watch that basketcrap so I didnt know who it was. He was throwing footballs and kbasketballs toward the ceiling and catching them. Told my TL about it, he told me who the guy was and to let it go. IDC who you are you dont act like that in the store. Told him to knock it off and he did and left


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I did a return for Wynonna Judd. Then I have checked out local TV anchors. Some guy who holds a record for ripping phone books.

My first store is a well-known shopping mecca for country music artists. Vince Gill, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban.


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No nationally-famous celebrities in our store yet. However, we do occasionally get a visit from a provocative local politician who lives in and represents an urban district, but sometimes shops in the outer 'burbs where my store is located. I gave him Great Guest Service, of course, and addressed him by his political title. Though he's on TV and in the newspapers all the time, and relatively famous in our part of the country, he seemed surprised that I recognized him. The shopping in the 'burbs probably gives him a lower profile. Like most famous figures who have developed a public image for show, he's much different in person, very polite and friendly.
My first store would get visits by the Duggar family (the ones with 19 kids on TLC). The mom would come in with a couple of the older girls once in a while. Her favorite department? Infants of course!
In Miami all the Heat players and Mgt shopped at our store,all of them were fantastic with guests and tms,never once an issue with autographs or pictures,great business with basketballs sales.
In my store (around the Nashville area), we get celebrities about once or twice a month. We have had Amy Grant, Wynona Judd, Carrie Underwood (our Security officer was actually sent to supervise her, because guests were pestering her), Bryan Head Welch (former band member of Korn, but now does some work for the band Red), and there have been a few others.