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Oct 30, 2011
I was put on a corrective action today because a team member "reported" me, saying that I spent my entire shift talking smack about her team lead, which is completely untrue! It was actually the opposite! She was the one talking smack, and I was trying to play devil's advocate and show how the team lead was good in a lot of ways. Can I seriously be put on a CA for her word against mine?! This doesn't seem right or fair at all.
Who put you on the ca? did they do a seek to find or just a ca right away?
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The ETL of the person who reported me put me on the corrective action. What is a seek to know? On my end, it was straight to corrective action. He said that because I had "conduct issues" in the past there was no need for him to know my side of the story. One issue I've had in the past was when my team lead (at the time) told me to F*** off because I signed my initials on the communication log on some of the words in the note, and another time I was overheard saying "it's not a huge deal that we're getting an extra dollar an hour after 5pm on Christmas Eve... that's a total of $4 extra." And mind you, I was saying this to a close friend, jokingly, and clearly this was quite a while ago.

I don't feel this is fair at all. So I can say, "hey, Jane Doe was talking s*** about John Doe" and then Jane Doe will automatically get a corrective action?! Huh?? I'm LIVID because everything this girl said was COMPLETELY untrue and nobody cares about my side of the story!
Yeah, definitely don't let this one go. Honestly, I don't care if you did or didn't do what they are accusing you of. The fact of the matter is your ETL went way out of bounds by just giving you a "I just know you deserve this, so you're getting it" CA. Where's the documentation? Did the other person go on record? They are required to talk to you about it and go over things, not just a "Hey, you're in trouble" and leave it at that. Talk to your ETL again, and if no resolution, go to your ETL-HR or STL, and then the hotline if need be.
Talk to your ETL again, and if no resolution, go to your ETL-HR or STL, and then the hotline if need be.

While I have all the respect in the world for the chain of command, I have to ask--shouldn't the ETL-HR have signed off on the CA before it was delivered? And if the ETL-HR is signing off on a CA like this (as it was described, anyway), I'd have to assume the STL approves of that sort of thing as well. It's gotta be a whole-store culture or it wouldn't have happened, or at least that's my take on it. I'd be sorely tempted to get the HRBP involved immediately (via the hotline) if I was in that situation.
i think it's actually called a seek to find? but pretty much an ETL (usually HR) needs to come to you and say "ok this is what we've been told what is your side of the story" and pretty much if they can't prove or don't have proper documentation they can't do anything about it. Usually unless an issue is coming from a TL or ETL if you deny deny deny they can't do anything about it unless they have some other proof. If the ETL that put you on CA was not your ETL-HR i would be getting with them asap to discuss this. If it does happen to be that ETL you need to get with your ETL. I wouldn't go straight to the hotline but if your ETL's are not willing to talk about this and/or take away the CA i'd be calling.
Good luck!
Thanks everyone. I didn't think it seemed right that I can't give my side at all. He straight out told me that he doesn't care what my side is, because I have a "history" of things like this. Yes, I've been a gossipy team member in the past, but that is a while back. It's been a LONG time since I've been spoken to about anything, but I really hadn't been spoken to about much to begin with. I will be speaking with my ETL-HR on Thursday.... when hopefully I can hold in my tears... I'm an emotional girl and I hate things like this. I can't even explain my frustration in this situation.
I was put on final my first year of work at target. I worked on my development and did my best to fix the issue and grow from it. I followed the rules to the T for that year and came out of it just fine. Got promoted to TL even.

Final warning isn't the end of the world. Just means you need to reassess your actions. You're always gonna have some ******* bosses. Learn to either avoid them and keep your head down or try to make friendly. They have the power to make you miserable, but only you can give them a reason.
I almost got put on final for hearsay, only because I have a counselling for conduct though.

Thankfully my TL vouched for me and I avoided it.
I always recommend putting everything in writing.
It makes it easier to organize your thoughts and keep all the events clear.
You will be able to remove all the emotion that can cloud an issue and make a situation get out of hand.
Make sure you keep copies.
Have a friend (English major/teacher) edit and when you go in hand it to them.
Answer any questions they have in short, clear, declarative answers.
Don't let them put Baby in the corner.
Private chat with your STL and ETL-HR before Hotline.

Usually CAs have to have documentation or eyewitness accounts by leadership in order to be conducted. Someone just saying He said...She said is not a valid reason for conducting a CA.
there called "seek to understand" conversations, they are similar to an investigation. They should be taking place before ANY final warnings and ANY Corrective actions! That means that an ETL/TL should be having conversations WITH EVERY person involved before acting! I would have a conversation with your ETL-HR and STL. Remember to remain calm, you will have more of their attention if you are calm and logical. You go in a fly off the handle, expect them not to help and possibly end up with more than just the CA your fighting.
That's it put them in the comfy chair....
or should we poke them with soft cushions first?

Absolutely - there was an SBS in my district who witnessed a team member - willfully destroy a step ladder with a WAVE

The SBS reported it -- nothing was done -- then the team member kept telling HR - the SBS was threatening him

Bottom line --- SBS was fired on hearsay alone
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