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Jul 31, 2012
Hi guys, I'm new here and sure enough, I'm super lost.

The back story is, I've been working on Flow for a year now, and my TL asked me if I'd be interested in being crossed trained for In Stocks... I thought, yes! MORE HOURS OF COURSE I WANT TO BE CROSSED TRAINED!

I started my training today, and I was able to scan most of the Research and Rigs alright on my own, I would just get stuck on rainchecks, but that's about it. The problem is, My trainer talks super fast, would rush through all the apps and would not repeat herself twice and kept telling me that we just had to get done by 11 and I would have to learn this stuff as I watch her work. Which is fine if I knew what the heck everything means. I was given the In Stock training packet right as we were about to start and of course didn't have enough time to read through it...

So can someone just give me a rundown on how things are generally done in In Stock? Especially with rainchecks. I'm scheduled for Thursday and my trainer is not scheduled for that day...she said I'd be assigned a task list by another TM but I'm just like... ok? what? haha. Thanks guys! Any help at all would be so appreciated!
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Fixed the ones I could :p Thanks for catching that horrible mistake! hahaha I must sound like a creep now!
The guide Hardlinesmaster linked is very useful. I've been with In-Stocks going on 4 months now, and like you I transitioned from Flow. We usually have 3 of us start at 7am, split the batches, and go our on way and regroup at break. My batch is usually all of G (Pfresh), A (HBA,Cosmetics, Chem, and Pets), and sometimes Checklane and Rx. Thank god most of G is PTM atm.

But about Rainchecks, those can be a pain. Least to me they are. When you're scanning Research and/or Rigs you might come across a Raincheck. When thats the issue quickly toggle out and click RF Apps. Once thats open simply key in "Rain". This'll promp you to Substitute and some other option. Always key in "1". From there simply scan the out of stock item, then the Raincheck pad, then finally an item of greater value. Keep in mind some items in that aisles general area might be set up for Ad in the future, so finding a substitute for the Raincheck can take a minute. Once that is done press the "3X5" size I believe, and key in your Raincheck batch name.

After, toggle back to "My Instocks" and simply hit Continue. Also on the raincheck pad you have to write the aisle, location, and last 4 of DCPI number. That goes for your sticky notes too. Raincheck location as well as substitutes location for later typing up Signs.

Scanning always stops at 11am regardless if batches are done. By doing this it gives one team member enough time to do Signs, while another starts on the Research batches in the gun. We had 56 the other day we had to pull with no back room tm's help. Any Instocks pull's that aren't done by 12pm (assuming you're off by then) will simply transition to pulls for the midday sales floor.
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Thanks for the summary on the rainchecks, LuckyinLV! ! I was supposed to continue my training on Thursday and felt like I was ready to take it on. But....I guess thursday was my trainers day off, and the other two in stock peeps called off... -___-
So they had me work Back to School and mini seasonal for my whole shift. hahaha! I'm starting to understand why theres a need for more in stock TMs....
hahaha! Oh man. I think this is going to haunt me forever! :laugh1:

Btw thank you to whoever changed the title to this thread. hahaha
hahaha! Oh man. I think this is going to haunt me forever! :laugh1:

Don't worry, I'm not that mean. :D

**Hey pellinore, if you're reading this, In Stalk would be an example of a TBR meme if we kept going with it.**
So I was finally given proper training for IN STOCKS ( I won't get this one wrong anymore! haha) and it was so great. I'm able to do most of the stuff on my own. My training continues tomorrow starting with learning how to use the registers, and backstocking and pulling my own batch from the back. The information you guys gave me helped so much! I was so proud when I completed my first raincheck and substitution hahaha. Thank you! :D
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