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Oct 17, 2011
Hi all :)

Just wanted to get your advice,

I'm currently a Certified Pharmacy Technician at a newer store. The job is great, pay is not too bad, however there is little room for growth unless I want to become a Pharmacist, which is just not in the cards for me. (4 more years of rough schooling, years of internships, etc) But I do have 99 credits toward a Social Science degree. I can finish my remaining credits online, would be a piece of cake.

Stay a pharmacy technician the rest of my life, get a 12 cent a year raise (right?! lol) every year, never be "rich" but live well with an easy job.

Or maybe finish college and apply to be an ETL? I hear it's bad, but is it really THAT bad? They make very good money. The hours wont be as good as the pharmacy hours I know, and I hear there is a lot of stress and pressure.

The pharmacy is very demanding and you have to always be on your toes and have a lot of focus, but I enjoy that part of it. I just don't want to become an ETL and then end up hating target because right now I do love it! :)

thanks all and happy holidays!, idk i'm in this weird place where I actually like target and working for them...I've even started collecting the different stuffed dogs. And I ordered a bullseye logo hoodie. i have target spirit?? YIKES. maybe i just haven't anything bad happen to me there yet.... :) thanks for your replies!
I have 99 credits at an regionally accredited institution, and I can finish the last of my credits from accredited schools online. I'm sorry I'm not sure what you were getting at?
Have you ever even worked on the salesfloor? There are way different stresses involved with the floor itself compared to what Pharmacy has to deal with.
Hardlinesmaster - definitely good advice, i'm thinking I should finish my degree regardless...

Darikona - Yep I've worked everywhere except Food Ave and jobs that stay in the back room. I don't have any real management experience, (I was an assistant manager at a toy store but that just meant I counted the drawers and had a key to everything) but I am actually considering taking Intro to Management, Marketing, Micro and Macro, and Intro to Counseling to finish off my degree. I'm thinking this along with my actual experience in the store and other work experience should make me a decent candidate to be an ETL...well hopefully lol.

thanks everyone ;)
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