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Jun 24, 2012
Hi, I'm a new part-time worker, specifically in the pharmacy. I'm on a rotating schedule and working about 20-25 hours the first couple weeks so I anticipate that'll be my average per week. How do I request days that I do not want to work and therefore not get scheduled that day ( because of weddings, orientation for school, etc.)? Is this the same as "request days off"? I'm obviously not going to be paid during the time so not sure. Is it possible to do this on eHR?

Also, is it possible to view schedule online? I could've sworn I heard we could at orientation but searched and haven't seen it anywhere.

Thanks for the help.
For specific days off, you'd go on eHR (at the store) before the schedule is posted to request those times off.
Usually, near the main schedule board they may post a sign advising you to "request days off for xxx week by xx/xx".
TMs aren't supposed to be able to view schedules from home. Some folks say they can but I think that's exception to the rule.
Again, that's something that can be viewed on eHR at the store.
How does one get access to eHR? That wasn't covered during orientation, nor am I really sure what it is.
For some stupid reason, it doesn't show the default login instructions on eHr. You can find these instructions, however, when you try to login to Workbench.
They're different. Workbench is the evil gateway to slacking that TLs on up, sit down in front of and slack off all day

You'll find a link to Workbench on the screen of the computers at your TSC. If you don't feel comfortable using one of those, or
if there are TLs slacking off at them, you can simply pick up the "red" phone at the eHr kiosk in your breakroom and they can
walk you through it. It's easy.
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