Archived Do interns get time off for their summer classes?

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Oct 14, 2011
Hey everyone -

One of my friends that is in college wants to do a summer internship at target. She told me she is planning on taking summer classes, and wants to know if Target will work around those while she does the internship. I told her I wasn't sure and really didn't pay much attention to interns when I was there, but I would try to find out for her.

Anyone know if the interns get a schedule that works around their summer classes?
Hmm, we have an intern currently and I think they suggest you take long days of class instead of spreading it out during the week.

For example, taking Monday and Wednesday classes all day and be unavailable on MW while being available the rest of the week to work 8-9 hour shifts.

If the schedule is set in stone however I am not sure if they'll accommodate. Speak with your ETL-HR I'm sure they can give you specifics.
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