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Jun 16, 2011
A few transitions ago Target did away with a majority of the metal sheet dividers in Domestics. Does anyone else feel like the zone in Domestics - specifically sheets is harder without the dividers though? I'm thinking of spending a lot of money reordering them and just adding them back in. Or...slanting the shelves to see if that would help.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Thats weird, we've got a ton of the damn things.
In fact they just sent us more of them for the next transition that's coming up.
I'd be glad to send you some cause I'm to the point were I just want to throw them away.
The metal dividers are better than the plastic ones in certain areas. Like in hba, metal no go. Oatmeal no go. Dog bones no go. Candles, yes!
Pillow cases, shams, sheets, & big pillows, is a big yes! Because it presents the product better!
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Salesfloor ETL, I agree with you, the zone doesn't hold as well with all of those things gone. I was also thinking about adding them back in
I have about 5 repack boxes filled with them and 3 more 1' WACOs, I've been planning to throw them out as well.
We have about 10 repacks on a pallet full of them. I've been meaning to throw them out but I know as soon as I do they will add them back in or our STL will want them back up.
a lot of them are being added back in. we left them off the soft sheets and all the boxed sheets/shams/etc.
has anyone tried the plastic pull strip dividers turned backwards? i'm gonna put up a section and see how they hold up. we use them for everything else. figure it will look better than the outdated metal ones.
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