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Eligible for insurance?

Dec 27, 2011
Does anyone know how to find out if you're eligible for any type of insurance with Spot? I asked my TL & HR about it a few months back & was told that around June or July, if I met the average hourly requirements, I'd be eligible & something would be mailed to them (& I believe she told me something would also be mailed to me) to inform them. I have yet to see or hear anything, so I'm wondering what's up with it. I started seasonal, was kept on, & I believe I was put in as permanent sometime in January.

Now my question is how do they average the hours? By this I mean, if I had a week or two that was low on hours that pushed that month's average to just a hair below 19.50 (or whatever the low # is), would that knock out my chances of getting insurance? It's just something I wanted to ask & find out more info on. It's definitely something that would come in handy for myself, so any help is appreciated.