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Nov 14, 2013
tomorrow i'm supposed to open in market (6-2:30) for the first time since my training back in november. any advice? i know all the market basics, but i usually close so i just don't know what the morning routine is. also wednesday is not a truck day for my store, if that helps. thanks!


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Nov 16, 2013
My personal opening routine, order of stuff usually varies based on store but all the basics are here:

1) Run the sanitizer in the 3rd sink so the foam can start dissipating as I cull and such
2) Deep produce cull, bakery cull, meat cull + couponing, QMOS either as I go or leave for later depending on how much there's going to be. Some of the apples and stuff I make sure to QMOS right then because they're missing from the cooler cheat sheet.
3) Fill sanitizer and work through the cleaning tasks checklists
4) Push first CAF if it's that time yet and it's ready, otherwise SDA checklist + more QMOS
5) Fill milk, bananas, bread if the vendors left any by 10 (ULV so that's our up and ready time)
5a) If it's early in the week check any weighed meats to make sure the price per lb displayed is the same as what's supposed to be charged at the POS
6) 10 AM walk with the LOD
7) Push CAFs as they come while providing guest service in the department and half the time being the only floating sales floor until 12 PM
8) Do any random tasks of the day assigned to me (endcap salesplanners, sign issues, outdates I happen across outside the normal cull areas, etc.)
9) Midday zone
10) Go home
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