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They would have to send us stock to have goal times.

Seriously, is there any particular war of how your store is stocking that you think could be improved? The Horseshoe way of dispensing out merchandise actually does work, particularly in electronics.

Take the best team members of flow and put them in there as well, that means the most trusted and competent. With music CD's and DVD's the way they are it's hard to push them close to accurate.
This is the one area of the store where we consistently miss the goal time and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to improve efficiency of the push in this section of the store. Often times our push in this department is about double what RWT is calling for.

This might not be an option, but I can tell you our times wouldn't be as good if our entertainment brand specialist wasn't also on the flow team. The schematics over there are hard to get used to and no one knows them better than he does. You're a 6 am store, right? so it might be possible. SOrry if you guys already do this,but my experience with flow is minimal, so thats all I got!
You need dedicated TMs to push over in Electronics, which basically means those TMs should be always there everytime there's a truck.
Electronics' easy because it's the same way as you push the other areas. Lock-ups like videogames are the only ones that will slow you down but it's not really a big deal.

Now Entertainment will be the problem. You need a dedicated TM in this area. If you're having trouble, you could try sorting them out on carts. This method works for DVDs and Books.

CDs are harder to push. It's very easy for me but for my fellow TMs, they're always having trouble.

Once a week we get books on the truck. Forget the time goal.
Make sure the area, especially the browser, is getting zoned. Nothing kills push speed faster than trying to deal with a trashed area. Ugh.
No reason to miss the push time in electronics. If your missing it , its because of entertainment push speed... only thing i can suggest is if you dont have a dedicated stocking team .. get one. Have your team member spend a little more time sorting MM2 into 3tier carts by aisle ( if they are really good and quick at it .. do it by section within the cart) This should get rid of the extra steps and time wasted between the walking back and forth around entertainment. With MM1 I usually just grab a stack and go... its a rare day when we get more then 2-3 repacks of CDs unless its christmas.

Those goals are a bit wacky for that customblock due to the actual amount of eaches your getting out of each of those entertainment repacks and the fact that you have to Keep/Spiderwrap / unlock cases. But if your team members are motivated , It is definitely possible to meet the goal. If you can afford to put 2 people in E&E ... 1 sorts the MM1/mm2 while the other knocks out the Electronics/SCTY.

Hope this helps!
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