Archived Flow Team: All Push goal Times?

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Jul 5, 2013
Hey Everyone, for those that work at a target store, and either know the Flow Team and their goal times, I was wondering if any stores are currently meeting their goal times? The store I have worked at, for over a year, has not met a goal time for Flow Team since I have been here. I am known as a hard worker, but as a team, it seems as if we just never can get enough finished, even if it appears that everyone is working hard as they should be.

Recently we all switched over to the "All Push" method. Our unload beings at 7:30AM, and some of our team comes in to either pull pallets off the line, unload the truck or work the line, and then around 8:00AM the rest of the team comes into the store to help push the product to the floor.

I was wondering if there are any teams currently (Flow Teams) reaching their goal times, and also, if there are any teams reaching their goal times that begin the unload process at 7:30AM.

Our Trucks are usually between 1600 to 2200 pieces of freight each, with a few hundred being backstock or transition. Sometimes larger, especially lately with back to school.

Any advice on how to properly set the team up for success, strategies, or thoughts on the Flow Team process in general would be helpful. Especially if you are familiar with the unload process beginning at 7:30AM.

Thank you so much!
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