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Nov 4, 2011
I was just wondering if anyone from here is flow team, and can provide me statistics in this area and whether this is normal.

(I understand different volume stores have DIFFERENCES)

We just got Pfresh, and as much as I like it, it has provided much more work and grief. First off, we start work at 6 am to unload the truck. This is 3 days a week. about 7 am in the morning when we are still unloading our truck, the "pfresh truck" comes. about an half hour before that, our bakery/milk truck comes in. There is hardly any room to unload anything now. While were unloading the truck we find out that the pallets that come from the truck; the toilet paper, the paper towels, the dog food, the etc are NOT allowed on the floor. We know, no pallets on the floor after 8am, but were out of room!

Now this is all within 2 hours, or less depending on the truck size. Of course we are on the holidays, so the truck size is more than normal.

After the truck unload, we push the pfresh. This is all new to me, so when I say pfresh, I mean produce and frozen.

Of course we are new Pfresh, so the truck size is more than normal.

The A section used to be priority. Certain days of the week we had research areas that need to be stocked first. What happened?

I also understand that Pfresh is priority.

Everything is bowled out into carts. Thank goodness for extra carts outside in front. After 8am, no trash cages can be used on the floor. Carts.. Trash. Oh my god, the amount of repacks we get in.

One PDA allowed, and that one we scan the truck with. I retain the PDA to do carts with, but the one who does the repacks has none. So I come across a lot of stuff that's not even set yet. "it's holiday stuff" so it should be easy to distinguish" you say. Well, no. It is aspirin, it is pots, pans, untensils, that aren't set yet. Thank God we have one PDA. Or else we would have a bunch of merchandise being put into wrong places, without a price; or challenges.

All flow team members push carts, caf pulls and autofills.

This is mostly a gripe.

I would also like to find out if this is correct procedure for flow team, or if anyone else feels the same way as I do.
Ok! There is alot of threads on this topic of p-fresh push, etc. With our remodel, we got 2 PDA's & 2 hip printers. 1 PDA is used for the freezer & other one for the floor. We do grab an extra PDA for sf use too. Ck out guides for more or see threads below. Partner w/tl or etl-log for extra help. We get about 2 pallets of milk then the rest is p-fresh stuff. Good Training & speed is the key. I don't do the breads or produce. But I will do everything when asked. It is a team effort.
"no pallets on the floor after 8am"

I understand this rule. But just a couple weeks ago, I saw our ETL-LOG with product pulled to the floor on a wooden pallet, with a 1pm in the afternoon! I wish our STL was around to catch his ass.
I can't even imagine 6am start. We hardly get it cleaned up with a 4am. It's easier to stock and bowl out with the earlier start. If pfresh comes at the same time which it did quite often, we would still unload our GM truck and the other team members I had in would start stocking the food first. As soon as both trucks were done we would blitz out market first and then hit the other areas. It always worked out better when I had my GM truck unloaded and a majority of the store stocked before the other truck came in and then we would all head over between 7 and 7:30 and knock out the food truck when it came in and then back to finishing up the remaining stock on the floor. Autofills were worked right along with the truck.

There were a few times we left pallets of paper on the back wall and finished them immediately after break. There was no room in back and our STL authorized it.
There is no way in hell this would work at Walmart. Even if we were a GM store. With us we start at 10pm. Have a meeting in the break room and given our assignments then we go out and zone Grocery (We are given an asile to zone) and after we are done zoning we head out to our respected departments and work that till at least 5:30 or 6am and then its clean up. We are expected to get everything cleaned up and off the floor at 7am but if we are not it needs to be before any of us can go. (though we don't all leave at the same time) Its why they push us to manage our time as they do not allow over time, but yet some of us do get it and we have to cut back the next day.

Good thing is the truck crew comes in around 6pm to unload the trucks and get the fright on the floor and all we do is get it on the shelf. That alone I think saves us a little time. There are times when we get let say like last night a 1900 peace truck and 500 peace Grocery.

Doesn't help though when we have to do this thing called My Guide. Where we scan our badge at a price scanner or a computer with a scanner. It gives us a list of tasks that need to be done by a said time and half the time the tasks are not what we were asigned to do and it takes time to have check in and out of those things when you have like 5 pallets of housewares and its just after lunch and your final break is in two hours.
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