Archived Flu Shots For All!

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Jun 10, 2011
Just wanted to take a minute to laugh about the great "flu shots for all" incident in electronics this morning. Every TV in the company is looping the same 1 second clip over and over Haha!
Ours were down as well. Great way to start off the new fiscal year w/every TV being on sale...
they weren't working at my store and I heard it was company wide? What do you mean it was related to flu shots for all? Was there something needing to be censored?
ha! They're talking about flu shots because the Channel Red was stuck on the "Virginia Target Pharmacist" commercial. At my store it keep looping as she was saying "Inflamed uvula." Channel wasn't fixed until about 3:45 or so.

It was not as annoying as the countless guests coming up to me saying "oh.. um.. your DVD is skipping..." I wanted to be like it isn't a DVD and no ****. lol so we just shut them off. But the Sony guy was having a cow so we turned them on and just turned down the volume on all of them.
I seen that on our tv wall only two tvs were working and they had the word virginia frozen on the screen. Okay all is known now!
I didn't notice that at all and was back there from 8 to 3 today.
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