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Feb 1, 2012
So about 6 weeks ago now one of my ETL's told me I was the new cosmetics person...."brand team member", And I have been working in the dept. since then, zoning... Dealing with PTM/flexing .... pushing .... research/instocks in the area, and recently this week re-setting it all.

To be fair I forgot to ask if it was a pay rise at the time, but other people had told me it wasnt. So I went to talk to the ETL-HR and Store manager about more hours and they told me, oh yes, cosmetics is a pay rise... woohoo. But alas I forgot to ask how much. D'OH!

Im guessing it will only be a few cents, but I feel kinda annoyed that it doesnt seem to have taken effect yet, even though I have been doing the work for almost 2 months. When should I expect to see the new rate on my pay stub?
Depends on what your previous position and paygrade was. You should expect anything from $0.25-$0.50 though.
Depends on what your previous position and paygrade was. You should expect anything from $0.25-$0.50 though.

started in october , plain ol' sales floor team member, minimum wage $7.25 .... so even 0.25 would be nice :D
Woohoo! Good for you!
It's a raise because it's a "brand team member". It should be base + $0.25. So, if you started at $7.25, this should bring you up to $7.50.
they told me its only PG05 at our store, so 25cents it is, oh well, better than nothing, moving up the ladder slowly haha
At the huddle today the ETL gave the spiel about how Spot wants to give wages that are competitive with the industry.
There were four or five of us who caught each others eyes than had to look away for fear of busting out laughing.
The industry does everything it can to force down the pay and keep us from getting paid what we are worth, so the very phrase is not only meaningless it's almost insulting.
I always laugh with my friend when Target mentions how it offers "competitive wages"
HAH! What a joke.. who are they "Competing" with?? China? lol
5 years, 5 months at Target.

If I got a $.20 raise this year, I made $3 ever since I started.

At least the benefits are good and I have a decent 401k
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