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Apr 11, 2012
I've been put in charge of coming up with a fun idea to motivate my electronics team (motivation is very difficult) to drive AAR. My ETL wants a fun game, but I want to do something new and creative. Any ideas?
i've got the perfect idea for a motivational are the rules:

If you are a top performer for AAR, you get raises, bonuses, commisions, and promotions...

If you not perform well, you are moved to another position, and if that doesn't work you are terminated.
Here's one: For every Perfect Package you get, you receive one extra 15 minute break a day, covered by your TL or ETL(One per day only, additional PPs to be redeemed on next shift). Costs the company nothing, TM feels rewarded and the people in charge of the numbers can see an increase in their area.
At our store we have a chart with every electronics TM's name on it. For every 5 accessories sold, you get one sticker. For every 2+1, you get two. There are prizes along the chart. When you get five stickers, you get a free Starbucks. Ten and you get a free lunch from anywhere of yoir choosing. Etc. Then there is one big prize for whoever reaches 30 first. Last time, the top performer got to pie our electronics TL and ETL in the face. Pretty fun. This time around it'll be something like an iPod.

Since starting this, our scores have been consistently green, when before they were consistently red. We used to be lucky if we got 45%. Now we're at 60-65%, and we're 1st in our district and 2nd in our region. Our service scores have also jumped dramatically. From the 3.40 range all the way up to 3.80.
Eh, at my store we don't try to rely on charts or games for driving AAR. For us we pretty much buckle down, make sure we know what the core roles are, make sure we understand AAR inside and out, and then just go from there. As a team we talk about AAR every day and talk to each other about what we've sold and try to semi compete with each other through out the day. As far as the rest of the store, we try and speak about AAR at every huddle, sometimes bringing one sale item and one thing that can be attached to it so the other team members in the store know what an attachment is. So far it seems to be working, we are 66+% and we are first in our district, and fluctuate within the top ten in our group. For us though, being number one in our district is a big motivator.
Over the last 6 weeks my team has averaged 80%. We are on track for 2 95%+ weeks in a row. This change came as a result of a new AAR focus I have implemented. Instead of focusing on the number of attachments a team member can get we now focus on the percentage they obtain daily. I gave my team a daily goal of 150%. That's 3 attachments for every 2 items. For my team this is very attainable. I can now track each person's daily, weekly, monthly percentage. I can also find the percentage of guests my team has helped in the week.
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it's funny; including myself, there are a total of about 5 of us that work electronics, 2 of us full-time scheduled "Electronics" only that are totally proficient with the product and locations. we have maintained our AAR at a WTD/MTD at least a 50-60% average. never seen us get below 40%. we don't ask for anything. we had an old ETL that would give us $5 gift cards for getting PP's but after he left, the others thought it was a 'waste of company money.' nobody ever wants to do our jobs, let alone cover us for lunch because nobody else really knows electronics and hates feeling like they don't know what they are talking about. we are pretty underrated but highly revered when it comes to higher volume times of the year and the amount of work we do. call us unspoken ninjas. we still don't ask for anything. we just get credit when credit is due. i've had to train my ETL's before on things like photo equipment and how the ESP's work before going on lunch. they don't understand, and i don't think they want to. they leave it up to us. but come to our aid if we dare ask for it.
Look up our scores and contact me for any questions at TXXXX.
You probably shouldn't put your location on here.

Our team is doing okay, I don't know the exact number but it's green. We do games every now and then, but I think the main motivator at our store is recognition. I personally don't care if I get recognized if I get an attachment, but some TMs get an ego boost.
*typical walkie conversation*
"LOD just letting you know I got three attachments!"
- crickets -
"Uhum, LOD I just got three attachments!"
- crickets -
"Oh sorry was someone looking for the LOD?"
"Yeah, I just got three attachments!"
"Nice job Bob! You are awesome!"
"Omg stahp LOD Lisa, you're making me blush, please stop"

Oh and at my store the LOD is supposed to walk over to the electronics boat at least once an hour. They are supposed to check how many attachments we have over the amount of sales. They also have to make sure that you're visible to the guest, if you're not then you get checked off as not being visible/not helping guests. I don't know how we're expected to zone and be by the boat the same time.
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i've got the perfect idea for a motivational are the rules:

If you are a top performer for AAR, you get raises, bonuses, commisions, and promotions...

If you not perform well, you are moved to another position, and if that doesn't work you are terminated.


If you have a bunch of kids, pats on the back, food, and prizes work. However, most people getting attachments are adults, and would like to see more than a row of Bullseyes to show for RedCards.
We split the electronics team and front end into two teams and played battleship. Every attachment equaled one shot. There were two boards set up in the STLs office and a grid for each team at the boat and the checklanes. If you got an attachment you got to take a shot at the other team. Once all the other teams ships were sunk the game was over and the winning team got good bags just filled with candy and snacks. It was really competitive and a lot of fun, but it only worked for a couple of rounds and then the excitement kind of fizzled out. They haven't done anything since except cut people's hours if they aren't getting enough attachments to satisfy whatever quota they've made up in their head.
At our store, we write down our attachments and all items sold that are eligible. Whoever wins during a green week gets a $15 giftcard. Yellow, $10 giftcard. Red, 5$ giftcard. We have tried every possible contest to raise AAR and it fluctuates SO much (based on the weekly updated score). We have been consistently green for awhile but the other week we were below 35% o_O

Anyone do anything with their cashiers to encourage ESPs to be sold on things like BluRay players? And does selling ESPs on vacuums and small appliances have any effect on AAR?

e: oh and that Thursday we were at 35% happened to be the same exact day our DTL comes for a visit. <.<
we put ESP's at the checklanes and have our cashiers offer them with items like dysons etc, that really helped our store.
We structure ours like XBox Live achievements. (Almost) everyone who works in electronics loves video games, so the idea of getting achievements (awarded by fellow electronics TMs or TLs who see them) makes it a lot of fun. We even let anyone who participates come up with their own handle (brand-friendly, of course!)
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