Archived GSA to TL?

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Mar 18, 2012
Wondering if one were to go from GSA to a TL if it would require a store transfer. Do all TL promotions require this? Our PATL was our Signing Specialist prior and managed to promote up within our store.. basically wondering what are the guidelines in which they transfer you for a TL spot.

I think the only time it would be required would be if there were only opening at other stores. In my store, people have been promoted to TL positions and not been required to transfer. But it may be something that varies from district to district, so your best answer is gonna come from an ETL/STL at your store.
It wouldn't require a transfer, you can promote and stay in your store or you could promote and move to another store.
Totally depends on your store culture and the availability of a TL spot. I'm a firm believer that in order to promote you should look outside of your store. If you generally get along with people, you might have a hard time making the transition from TM to TL.
Our district resources TL's to ours and other Districts, we basically are always running interviews for other stores and the DTL decides based on what they see in their interview where they would fit best.
We just had a GSA promote to a TL in SL in our store a couple of months ago.
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