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Jun 9, 2011
Any good stories to tell? We had a young woman come in wearing a bikini, no shorts or wrap, and AP chose to ask her to leave after other guests complained (darn). I think that the decision to eject hinged on her obviously being there on a dare, and not picking up swimmer's ear medicine after a day at the pool. Sometimes we see bathing suits worn with coverups, and that seems to be OK.

Very rarely, a couple times a year, a guest comes in without shoes, mostly children, and not just in carts, sometimes walking on the floor. Unlike other potential safety issues like kids standing up in carts, or spills, I've never been told what to do about it, and short of warning someone about the broken glass we're cleaning up in an adjacent aisle, have looked the other way. Also noticed that management looks the other way, too.

Found this photo set on Flickr while looking for guest pictures taken in stores. They appear to have been taken at a store in Houston. Policies and enforcement must vary regionally.
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We had two guest in one night who wore their coverups as of them going commando. Wanted to burn my eyes out after that sight.
We also have a bunch of ladies who are plus sized(think 24-26W) and literally stuff themselves into larges.
Had 2 transvestites this past week who needed to shave and learn what fit of ladies bottoms fit their jewels the best.
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