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Nov 7, 2013
I was just hired on for seasonal work and will be working electronics/hard lines. Do you guys have any tips for zoning and all of that kind of stuff?


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Oct 24, 2013
Pay close attention to the names of items and what they're listed on the labels. You'll be able to zone much quicker.

If you happen to zone in toys, on the Lego aisle, the numbers of the sets correspond in the item name. Such as, set number 6759, 9149, etc etc.

If your hardlines team does a zone where each of ya'll gets your own department, try and pick the same department every night. You'll memorize

Target brand stuff has the DPCIs written on them. This is extremely useful in Heath and Beauty. For hardlines, this applies to Threshold, Room Essentials, and Up & Up. Some other items will have the DPCI written on them, for example, the tents in sporting goods, or Circo stuff.

In electronics, good luck. Try and balance zoning and reshop with guest service. Focus on your endcaps during busy times, and zone the main aisles during slow times. Reshop throughout the night. Make sure that whoever covers your break actually does something, such as reshop, so you don't get behind.
Jun 8, 2011
- Look at every item, working top to bottom (or vice versa) and do it on a per section (usually four feet) basis
- Cover all diamonds
- Turn all labels to face out
- Use grey dots (if you see one, the item in the location might not be correct)
- Don't move strays/foreign/re-shop to the appropriate aisle every time -- use your cart and leave items on the floor until you finish the aisle (some ETLs might not like this, maybe only do it after the store is closed)
- Organize your cart! Example: bottom tier = backstock, middle tier = strays and empty packages, hand basket = defectives, top tier = re-shop for your current department (this should be worked every time you change aisles if the items are within a five-aisle radius)
- Check multiple locations on the same aisle, don't leave holes if you have product on the shelf above/below
- Pegs are easy to zone, just use the grey dots
- You shouldn't need a PDA to tell if a product is in the wrong spot (most of the time the last five numbers are on the bottom left of the label, the assortment number near the UPC will be on the top right of label, and Target brands have DPCIs near the UPCs and sometimes on the front of the package)
- Know the department - zone where it gets shopped more first (if you have time to come back later) or last (if you only have enough time to get to each aisle once) - Example: Toys then Sporting Goods then Toys if you have time to go back
- Check empty endcaps for backroom locations, if none then pull from home, if no product - flex the endcap with like items, starting with d-code or NOP
- Zone clearance, please, just do it
- Remove grey dots in locations that have the correct item
- Always pull more than one item forward (minimum two, typically 3-4) - if everyone does this, the zone is maintained A LOT longer while being shopped
- Inventory control clips (round rubber things) on pegs should be pulled forward if there are few items on the peg - this greatly improves the look of a peg-heavy aisle

- If at all possible, get a PDA
- If you have a PDA, use RF Apps (NOP + toggle to Pricing, LOC, SUBT, etc.) - if you don't know why, you haven't used it enough
- Put the items in your cart yourself - you know how your thought process works more than other people, so you can work through the merchandise quicker (this is critical in HBA or Toys)
- If you don't have a PDA, park your cart near a price check machine (assuming you have the new ones that SF schemetics)
- Park your cart on an endcap, work all of the items within a five-aisle radius (three before, two after)
- Ask CIHYFS - chances are this isn't your first time working returns/re-shop, so you should be able to show guests where most items are
- Remove grey dots from empty locations that you are filling (some stores may not remove the dots if there is only one item, check with your Instocks or Hardlines Team Leaders)

CAF Push
- Fill your vehicle - if there are other vehicles with merchandise in nearby areas (or only a few items) you should grab them, you will save yourself time and effort
- Use the smart labels (that might not be the official term) that is on every single box - it tells you the DPCI, SF schematic, and item name
- Push your vehicle, don't pull it
- Don't stack your vehicle too high, running over a guest is a bad thing
- Learn your backroom (where different departments get backstocked, where to keep empty vehicles, etc.) - this makes backroom TMs' lives a lot easier
- Combine your backstock with nearby backstock vehicles, don't just throw a pink clip on it and walk away
- Keep your vehicle organized - separate backstock as you work, break down boxes, put trash (see: C/D blocks) in an empty box
- Don't overstock - the accumulator isn't perfect, please don't make it worse
- Remove grey dots from empty locations that you are filling

That's everything I have for now, Hardlinesmaster feel free to use any/all of it.

This is from a high volume store, other stores may function differently.

Edit: added a few more items.


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Jun 17, 2011
-Clock in
-Grab equipment
-Communicate with the TL and figure out zoning assignment
-Grab reshop and work it
-Start Zoning bulky items and least shopped areas
-Go back and zone the heavier shopped areas and smaller items
-After breaks/lunches, grab and work any additional reshop

-Learn the planogram system. Ex. A2 3-4-3. You can scan the item and locate and restock it fairly fast.
-If the ETL-HL and ETL-Log authorize it, get proper training on pulling from the back.
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