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Nov 26, 2011
I was just hired as a seasonal sales floor associate (my conditional job offer states "sales floor" as position offered). I was given the impression that I would be a BACK UP cashier only, as in fast service/additional cashiers but on the schedule for next week they have me as cashier for my entire shift for several days in a row. Is this normal? Standing in one place for 5-6 hours at a time causes me lower back pain, that's why I applied for a sales floor associate job in the first place and accepted the job offer believing I would only be at the register for short periods of time when needed.
I already had cashier training. No I didn't tell them because I applied for and was offered a sales floor associate job and told I would be a backup cashier only.
Talk to your hr and see what's up.

I was hired for electronics and was giving a week of cashier shifts then my schedule was hardlines until the Instocks Tl stole me the mysteriously without warning I was Softlines. I think I worked 1 or 2 electronics shifts because I picked them up I asked hr about it after getting promoted they just forgot what I was hired for it happens when they hire a billion people some can slip through the cracks
Strange! It might just be that the front is where the hours are right now, and they're giving you cashier shifts to make sure they can get you hours. Talk to HR though-- that's what they're there for! :)
When I was hired as seasonal last year, I had applied for sales floor, but they hired me as a cashier. Yeah, I would talk to HR to see what's going on and let them know about your condition.
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