Hot Wheels Collectors

May 6, 2020
I have had two recent run-ins with these guests lately.

First one wanted me to check in the back for that giant box they come in so he can rummage through them.

I told him no and the system said we didn't have them so naturally he wanted to to still look in the back anyway.

The second guest called on the phone for one that had no location on the floor, was out of stock, and we didn't carry.

Once again he wanted me to look in the back.

FYI I don't even work in toys.

Get a life you losers.
The Hot Wheels guys we have at our store are cool. I don't work in toys either, but I've seen them offer to stock pegs with the new product as they look through the box.
I used to work back in toys and would see these guys too. The time the TLs expect you to work a U boat is so unrealistic I'd just let them. The collectors know how to read the labels and put everything up neatly so I was always like whatever, do my job for me if you want
It's a collectible for old farts.
It's usually the old coots who come in looking for the 'rare' ones, demanding to look thru boxes while TMs are stocking them, accusing TMs of going thru & taking all the 'rarest' ones for themselves.
AP-ETL threatened to ban a couple of the SOBs when they started abusing TMs who were trying to stock them so it was turned over to ON to do instead.
It seems either a store has the good collectors who help out or the paranoid assholes.
Sadly, we have the assholes.
I'm not in TOYS a lot, but the ones I've encountered seem like genuine collectors. For the most part they're pretty nice about it.

But we had someone covering TOYS for a while who had some bad blood with this one collector. Got to the point where it got escalated to a leader.
Everyone needs a hobby although I've never been bitten by the collector bug so I don't really get the fascination with Hot Wheels cars (or Stanley cups or whatever). My store has a couple of guys in their 50s or 60s who come in every single truck day, first thing.
I work in toys and had a few who would nearly come to blows over the hotwheels so I don't allow them to go thru the boxes anymore. I put them out before we open. Problem solved for me
Do the Hot Wheels have a unique DCPI for each variant?
Not as valuable as a Singer Sewing Machine manufactured 45acp Model 1911 semi automatic military sidearm. Pre. WW II.
I know this can out my profile to like 3 people on this whole planet but I don't care. My great-grandmother worked there before/during the war. If I ever came into any kind of money I'm buying one.