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Jun 10, 2011
I wanted to start by thanking Formina Sage for all the hard work that it took to put the new Breakroom together.
I've been an Admin for a forum and I know how much is involved so I deeply appreciate what went into putting this together.
Thank you.

The second part came out of one of the introductions where Guest Attendant mentioned that he found the site from this link on Yahoo answers which is how I got here.

I'm just curious. How did you find your way here?
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I too would like to thank him as I have also admined many a forum such as this. Thanks for the Hard work Formina Sage!

And I found the original site by accident. I had registered and read a few things but never really posted or contributed. Then one day when I went to go check it out again I noticed it was no longer there. I waited a few more days thinking maybe the server the forum was hosted on had crashed or something, but no.... it was gone... gone for good I thought until... BAM I did a google search for it and found the Yahoo! Answers page containing the link to this site!

Man am I glad I did and I'm glad that I feel more inclined now to get involved! :)
I was seaching for background info on Found topix.
Then I did a search on my user name came up topix.
It is my pleasure to provide our community a place to ...commune! You are all very welcome :D
I will continue to try to make this place the best it can be! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you.
Just wait till you guys see the site wiki! I'm so excited!!! :D :D
I never had a chance to look at the wiki on the original breakroom site. by the time I joined it was offline. I look forward to seeing it!
I never had a chance to look at the wiki on the original breakroom site. by the time I joined it was offline. I look forward to seeing it!

Thank u a TON Formina... I found this after getting tired of not coming up and googled to see if anyone had asked any questions... and I found the answer on yahoo answers! Thank god its back on I was feeling out of the loop...

Also of course as soon as i get my mod status the site crashes lol!
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A coworker told me about the other site about a year ago. I didn't join till about a month before it went down. He reads it daily. I asked him to let me know when it was back up and running. He sent me the link to this site in IM and bam, here I am. Funny thing is he registered the same day I did and hasn't started posting.
I would also like to say a huge thank you to Formina Sage!!

I was doing a few searches using key words from our page and I saw Hardlinesmaster at the Topix site, the first familiar "name" in my searches!
I use google search and found here though yahoo answer same as commiecorvus's posted website.

Sorry if this is my first post.
Well i was looking up some information on target, just seeing how people handle different areas differently, and i came across this site on accident. really couldn't believe that there were actual employees posting about stuff on target, really helped me realize what to expect around the store and getting to no different areas better and how they perform.

but i think all of us (or most of us) are lucky to come across this site on accident. Makes me feel that if we were all to work together, we would make a bomb ass target store.
I found orig BR on a deal site. Someone posted tm's were complaining about guest misusing coupons. I saved it but didn't really read it until I became a tm.
I found it in yahoo answers.

At first I searched in google thinking it might have been in the news that the site had been taken down for some kind of criminal investigation or something. :D (I sure hope it wasn't.)
I did a google search and found the forum on Topix. And from there to here. I really was going thru major withdrawel:eek:.
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