How do I contact a OM regarding flex up

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  1. I was scheduled for mandatory flex up, but I put my name on the flex down list. When I called the info line it says "flex up for B-1 has been approved for "John Smith", and "Joe Smith", but doesn't say anything about flex down.

    Does this mean I still have to come in?
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    I got ahold of someone, never mind :)
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  3. Yeah, the call-in line has to specifically say flex down or pre-approved flex down. If you sign flex-down before the weekly staffing called is made then you're considered "pre-approved".
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    I have a question.

    If you sign up for either flex up or flex down the week before, I noticed that they change out the sheet in the book to a printed number in the day by your name. If you are pre-approved, the number is colored (at least at my DC).

    If you are not highlighted, can you change your preference (white out) even if there is a printed number for a certain day? Or are you still considered pre-approved and have to come in (or stay home!) if voluntary is approved for that day?

    Does it only affect the weekly staffing call and not the daily one?
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  5. Anything signed on Tuesday before first break is considered pre-approved for the following week. For example if you signed up for flex down the following Friday and they call either pre-approved for the week OR a daily flex down call, you aren't required to come in.

    Now for changing your flexing preference after the call has been's pretty much up to your GL. Usually if you had signed flex down but want to actually stay they will accommodate you since more than likely someone else will just flex home instead. Overtime is a different matter, they pretty much never let you change after the call has been made.
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    Thanks for the info