How to get all the wrap and gift bows out of the backroom

Now that is the ticket right there! Most of our Waco's in seasonal (aisle 4 in the BR at my store) are empty, but atleast we are not getting anymore Christmas ************, so for that I am relieved!
Nice Job.... Thats the way I suggested to our ETL-HL to do it, but he decided to "bulk" stack the 250 case of wrapping paper on the floor behind our xmas trees. Wrong move on his part as he had to then explain his logic to our GOL and GFM the next day..... they were not happy.


purveyor of things
I wonder if my store could ever pull this off. I don't know how much wrapping paper we have left, but we have all those aisles for candy, so I have to wonder if we could ever get away with it.
I use those softlines bars in many creative ways at work... I have fun when we dont get proper fixtures in and I have to come up with some way to make things look good when we dont have the correct parts....