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I'm two weeks away from freedom, and it feels a little weird


Ex-Backroom Badass
Dec 27, 2014
Finally decided to put in my two weeks. My store's treatment of the backroom just gets worse and worse, and I finally decided enough was enough. Not a shift goes by where I don't feel like shit by the end of it, so it's simply not worth it to keep going through that hell.

Fortunately I have another part time job I'm working, which has the chance of becoming full time, and I actually enjoy it. So hopefully things won't go that badly.

My ETL-HR tried so hard to convince me to stay. I know I do the store good, but they don't do me good, and that's what's important.


That's what I've been trying the last few weeks, but I simply can't handle working at Target anymore. I'd rather take the cut in hours than work at my store any longer
That's how I felt before I left back in November. When you dread going into work, it's time to leave.

Good luck to you!
Sep 26, 2015
You made the right choice. I've been away from Target for a few months now and I'm kicking myself for not leaving sooner. My ETL barely said 4 words to me in my final two weeks because she was so bitter I was leaving. One thing is for sure, if you worked backroom and were able to keep up during your shifts while working with lazy co-workers you have a very strong work ethic that will serve you well at your next job.


I am a Guest once again!
Jun 12, 2014
Congrats! just make sure you don't burn your bridges. You deserve so much better than this hell hole!