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"Can you go to 3, please?" *Turns off walkie*
Nov 19, 2012
I fought hard to break free from softlines and fitting room, but here's a quick summary of a convo that I had with my STL the other day:

STL: How's everything going?

Me: I think everything is going well for the time I have been in the position. The key is stability.

STL: Yeah, it is important to create stability in the position. Anyway, we have some 'opportunities' at operator and we might need your help.

Me: I'll help out if I can.

So my store is understaffed (have open postings) in plano and price change. I'm keyed as price change but only can give them about the equivalent of 1.5 shifts per week (half on Sunday and a full on Wednesday). I have two full shifts devoted to comp shop (I'm expected to finish within 10 hours and use the rest for ad prep but it is available to me) and one remaining shift devoted solely to ad prep. My plate is pretty full and the comp shop metric has consistently been green since I took over (and will soon be green YTD). I got a "decent" raise this year and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm contributing as a TM.

I don't know what they're going to do with their 'opportunities' at operator, but unless they don't need the comp shop done or the ad prepped or price change worked I just don't have the hours anymore (I know, a TM that is getting hours...). I knew about these 'opportunities' months ago. You can't expect non-local college students to stick around if they're not taking summer classes. If I was running things on that side of the store I probably would have started planning for it months ago.

We have TMs in the store that are begging for hours... I don't know why we aren't cross-training them.
Not open for further replies.