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Jul 9, 2012
After this week I'll be returning back to my Target as the new Flow team leader. I've been away at another Target training for my position. It's come to my attention that the team I will be leading doesn't feel like they get enough recognition. I wondered if anyone had any suggestions as to how I could lift some spirits on my team. For the first month I return I'll be working with the team to establish relationships and get to know everyone better. Any ideas would be lovely! I have some in mind, but I wanted suggestions from fellow team leaders/members.


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Jun 10, 2011
Can't go with food.
But I suggest bringing extra.
Flow teams worse than locusts.

Thanks for caring.
Mar 11, 2013
Some favorites of my stores flow team..

After meeting or exceeding unload time for a few weeks in a row getting breakfast made by TL or ETL was a big hit. Simple pancakes and sausage on the electric griddle always goes over well.

Writing Vibe cards that go in a bucket for a FREE lunch or Starbucks daily drawing is another.

Shaving the head, pie in the face, dunking in the dunk tank of a TL or ETL for meeting goal or getting to green score by a certain time was fun.


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Feb 17, 2013
at our store the flow team moral is low because there is all kinds of recognition and praise for the poor performers but the people who work hard are the ones that get talked to. they also have removed all of the top performers from being trainers and put in place some of the worst TMs we have (they like to stand around and talk right in the main aisle where anybody could see them but the TLs and ETLs turn a blind eye)


Vibe card drawings for free lunch is a good one like PA said.

Try and get to know your team too.
Jun 23, 2012
A big recommendation from my store is make your recognition genuine. That may be in huddles or on the floor, but thank people honestly for their hard work. Sound like you mean it.

We have too many leaders that think it's ok to thank someone generically for basic facets of the job:

"Thanks to soandso for pulling pallets, thanks othertm for backstocking yesterday."

It sounds pathetic and fake. Providing the reason you are recognizing them(did they help hit a metric? How did it impact the bigger picture?) is important because it gives clarity to what earns it. It lets others know what to strive for and affirms those who get the recognition.
Jan 24, 2013
Our ETL said if we came clean everyday for a week she'dthrow truck the following week.
We've had free stbks, candy, tic-tacs for beating our unload goal time. Had a TL pull me aside and bet the rest of the team a pop that he and I could do all of H&B before they finished grocery.

Just keep it fun. Give credit where credit is due. Know your TM's strengths and utilize them.
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