Archived Need help for MMB return scan

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Jul 18, 2011
So we are in middle of remodel. Return scan upcoming, so i'm sure my locations are all jacked up, but my biggest isssue is the labels for the "movie" and the "music" categories that you scan to initialize the return scan. Anyone know how to make those? I wasn't able to find any answers just googling through workbench, and i've never had to create them, but due to remodel my electronics stockroom is all jacked up, and I lost my labels that had been there since before I started at Target.
How to make the labels is on workbench. Go to the return scan info, it's on the last page or two. The labels start with MMOV for movies and MCDS for CDS (the page has an example right there}. I had the same problem today.:hunter:

Yeah, i looked this morning at the updated 2011 best practice for the mmb return scan. I guess the copy I had in my entertainment bible was an old one, from like 2007 or so and it didn't show how to make the inventory location labels, but I found it on page 6 or so of the new one. Got it all figured out, 54 cartons going back. Guess i'll find out the value tomorrow!
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