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Aug 8, 2012
so i've worked 2 weeks so far at target as flow in southern california..i worked 17 hours per week the first two weeks from 4:30-7:30 am.. next week i'm only scheduled for 9 and about 4 other new flow team members all have the same schedule and hours..the last time i worked was wednesday morning..then my schedule says i dont work again until next tuesday...???? lame..this is literally a part of a part time job...not even a respectable part time job as far as the hours eventually get better for new hires? i was thinking i could get full time hours, boy was i wrong haha..better start looking for a second job..
That was my fear when I started. I'm thankful it hasn't worked out that way for me. I hope someone else is able to give you some advice. It will be better when you can crosstrain, but most stores stick to the 90 day rule on that.
Week two of flow I let it be known that there was always red & khaki waiting in my closet at a moments notice. Desperate? Yeppers, I stayed later and offered to pick up shifts at the last minute. so far I haven't been less than 25 and I'll be close to 40 for the third week. I offered, ok begged to learn ad set up, showed interest in instocks and offered to grab reshop if there was a load left over.
Sometimes I get the feeling that they don't want to overload flow new comers so maybe they don't realize you really want more hours and opportunities.
that was me when i first started flow, u have to make yourself avaliable to them, if you get an opporitunity to work with other TLs and ETLs, see if they can train you in another departments, thats what i did.
Get some knee pads and practice begging?

There are people who file partial unemployment to cover for the crap hours.
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