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Aug 16, 2011
Anyone see the new Market Pantry packaging? It's in News to Use and there was orange juice on the shelf with the new design (even though NTU says it should be starting to come out in the summer). I think it looks pretty nice. The current design looks too generic and cheap to me.
Anyone care to grace us with a picture? I haven't seen it yet, and a google image search didn't pull up anything :(
If nobody beats me to it, I'll take a pic of the bread when I get off
For those of you getting the new package designs: Is there any chance you can compare the volume or weight of the food between the old and new packaging? I'm curious to see if they're shrinking it along with a pretty new design.
Our eggs are now, finally, MP. Though literally about 2-3 boxes off FDC truck had nothing but crushed eggs. Fun. We also have to OJ and the bread. That's about it so far though.
It really does look good. A bit "brighter" and perkier.
I didn't really notice the design when I was working, but I am glad we have MP eggs again. The MP cartons don't roll around as easily in bags as the other brands' styrofoam cartons do.
The old one is straight border; new one is curved & a little less cluttered, more white background makes it look 'brighter' without looking too 'generic'. Think eye appeal.
From the limited products I have seen, the grocery shrink ray hasn't zapped MP yet. The last design change was in 2009 I believe when they changed the red part from solid to striped. I've only seen the original Market Pantry design in RED Magazine but holy retro Batman!
I haven't seen the new bread or bagels yet. Pretty soon we're just going to be eating air.
anyone else missing those dividers for the closed cooler or is that just my store?
In the NTU there's a picture of a cereal box....I think the cereal is kind of like Froot Loops. The picture of thr cereal looks good, but they've got the spoon set on the wrong side of the bowl! So, the nice design is lost to this foolish mistake. Hopefully they can correct the new design on this box before it is way too late.

We've got the new egg cartons in.....sure is nice to see a familiar MP package!

I'm actually looking forward to seeing the new designs. I mean, the Up & Up packaging is great and most of the Archer Farms stuff looks good too.
Speaking of the shrink ray, I was zoning the Mexican aisle and the AF Chili con carne sause shrank two ounces. It looked pretty dramatic.
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