New target opening up in SoCal preview

We use the montels for fulfillment/drive up stowing. Works great for that purpose.

I helped a store get caught up in their trailers that had them for backstocking. Utter disaster.
Ours are everyhere except for those two areas you mentioned.

Instead they have racks to the ceiling but no ladders.🤔
ew groace, SoC*l, also lollin' at the "now hiring" banner

"we'd like to offer you a part time position that pays 18.4% of your monthly rent"
Just happened to run across this message. Too bad not all of the Targets in the San Fernando Valley have the drive up canopy. There are some drive ups that are in parking garages. But there are some that are outside in the weather elements which is a problem when it rains or on blistery hot days with the sun beating on you when highs can reach 110 degrees. Some have canopies for the team members but that isn't much.