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eight different bosses.
Feb 21, 2013
i've been at target ~four months, and i don't completely loathe it.
i have had a fair few awful jobs, either because of the work itself, or sometimes the people i worked with.

somewhat surprisingly, i get along with everyone well, and the team leads and etls seem to like me too.
a few weeks ago a softlines tl spot opened up, and i applied.
i really didn't know what was involved but figured it was worth a shot.
i spoke to a couple etls about my interest, and about a week later i had a brief mini-interview about it.
i didn't make the cut, and i think now i probably wouldve been a bit overwhelmed with all that the job entails,
but while i was with the etl just after the interview, she said that they see a lot of potential in me,
and that they're going to work on a process of gradual development.

since then i've been given tasks to take care of beyond my regular bit, and ive discussed some pros and cons of
a tl position with the first tl i met, he's a good guy. also, a couple days ago i got an envelope in the mail,
and was really surprised to find a card filled with brief positive notes and thank you's from about eight tl's at my store.

i've read around on this site and others about how crappy and stressful being a team lead can be.
does this sound like a good environment? should i take the card for what it is, or is it something thats done to intentionally promote warm fuzzies?
Jan 19, 2013
The card is a "top performer" card. Meaning one of the team leads picked you as their top performer for the month, and then at the meetings they all sign it. They should tell you sometime soon or recognize you at huddle. It means you are doing well and people are noticing. Good job!

Sometimes etls will write them for no reason and randomly send them out. I like those ones, because they don't have to pick someone. That was awesome to get.
Sep 14, 2012
If you don't plan on staying with Target for a while it's not worth it do go down their "gradual development" of you. They make it seem like you're next in line but just know it will be a while, I love Target and have nothing against my leadership but it takes a while to get you to where they say you'll be. It's a great experience and makes sure no one goes into a TL position with a big ego and is well prepared.
Jul 29, 2012
To be frank, if you have the skills and ability to lead it would almost be easier to quit, then reapply to the TL position for a better chance at it. If not, I have seen MANY TM's of high potential be d*cked around for years to not be selected for TL roles. A lot of it comes down to your stores individual ETL and STL roles and how they make decisions. I was on a fast track to be promoted to ETL at my store after being brought on as a TL; but once in management it becomes a more eye opening experience and you may or may not agree with many choices the store makes. I know I didn't and that it why I chose to leave.
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