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Jul 16, 2011
Okay, so i've complained about this lagging ETL-LOG before, but today I was at McDonalds and saw my old manager from FEDEX. This Fedex manager couldn't make the grade and was fired....which got me thinking again....why doesn't target do this?

So this ETL has been there about a year, fresh out of college, yada yada yada. Well two weeks ago, he was the opening LOD, and was over 30 minutes late! So the whole team had to wait in the parking lot til about 6:30-6:35 for this executive to show up and let everybody in. And the sad thing is he has done this exact thing atleast 3 times that I know of, and is routinely 5 to 15 minutes late on truck days. Granted he doesn't have a set schedule and he isn't the opener on truck days, but why does spot tolerate this nonsense?

Funny story...last winter I was suppose to do an instocks 6:30 am to 12:00 shift, and I over slept. I woke up around 8:15 and decided to hurry in and get what I could done. Normally if I'm late, I hurry up and get ready and then call ahead while I'm driving in order to save time. Well something told me not to do that this time, so I just showed up, snuck around to the time clock and then went and found the other instocks team member. The ETL-LOG was over an hour late that day and it was such a big deal that nobody ever noticed I was late LOL.
I'm lucky we've never had that problem.
I wouldn't be surprised if the ETL was on some kind of notice but you're never going to know about it and it will take quite some time to see the results.

We used to have issues with being let in the store when we'd get to work.
Sometimes waiting for 20 minutes for someone to get up front to open the door.
Enough griping put an end to that.
Yeah I'm sure everybody has done punch corrections every time this has happened. But still, a minimum of ten people waiting half an hour, means that 5 hours of payroll just got burned.

And I'd like to hope he's on final but it's just retarded. The ETL-LOG we had before him was with target about 2 years...basically getting paid training to mess up and make people's jobs harder only to up and quit right before 4th quarter last year. And the ETL-LOG we had before her only lasted like four months before she resigned. It was pretty sad, one day she tried to motivate and help me work a paper towel pull. She told me to stand by the location and she'd throw them to me...well she couldn't even throw a bounty twelve pack 4 feet LOL! I just don't get it, every two weeks SPOT is giving these ETL's $1500-$2000 dollar checks and for what? And then turning right around and getting cheep on competent team members who are actually keeping the place running!
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This happened to me once. The opening LOD showed up an hour late and we all had to do punch corrections.
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