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Sales floor TL
Jun 8, 2011
So after the huge may 8th transition we were told not to use zone assisting fixtures in the freezers (Pushers).. does anyone use pushers at all?? if so for what?

as for other zone assisting fixtures.. i am training in a store in which they use numerous yogurt trays in other areas to assist in keeping the product in line.. best example of this is the creamer door (international delight.. MP half and half etc..) anyone else have good ideas?
zone assisting fixtures? wow we could use those at my super-t for closing zone :D
We use them in ours but not for anything in bags for fear of splitting them open. Mostly for the frozen single dinners.
In my store we only use the fixture for almost everything.. Which makes no sense to me since it looks bad and some of the pushers expand until they break. I don't like how the pushers are used for the mp/ hillshire farms deli meats!

Btw Using the yogurt fixtures for the coffee creamers sounds like a good idea since that section is always.
Does anyone happen to know the TIPP number to the silver metal carts? my store hasnt been sent any yet (our remodel is done 7/25)
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