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Hardlines TL
May 27, 2014
When I got in to work today, I noticed there were a few updates and tweaks to the Web Apps interface:

- Addition of Redwire
- Pack & Ship (explain?) icons
- Minor interface updates

And I met SUBT's demise (in RF Apps) :( I was hoping it wasn't true for my store.

-Sigh- Moment of silence for RF Apps' SUBT.
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Scary Socialist
Oct 24, 2013
If my theory is correct, Pack and Ship means that Target really is doing the ship from store.


Rec Spec
Jun 10, 2011
- Pack & Ship (explain?) icons

This gets a big BOO from me. Saw it added the other day myself and wanted to throw the PDA across the room. Naturally an ETL laughed at me thus making me want to throw them across the room as well! Don't want it, don't want to do it, not interested! I do so much other C-R-A-P. I could keep going but I won't, but I will say this...



Electronics TM
Aug 14, 2012
I saw redwire.. didn't go into it. What is redwire, does anyone know?
An overview:
And on that note, who else has the Redwire app??? The one used to assign tasks to individuals and allow leaders to follow up , create tasks, and delegate tasks to others with completion deadlines. It is VERY cumbersome to use, and to change task status you have to go through too many menus. Also, don't forget to log out of it when you are done with your PDA for the day as your PDA logout does not log you out from Redwire, so others can see your tasks, create tasks under your name or cause general havoc - i.e. create a task called Kiss your ETL's ass under your name and assign the task to someone else to complete. Watch out for this people!


- Guest walks into store, browses over women's clothing
- Can't find a particular size over in softlines
- Pulls out their phone and loads the App which has been enhanced even further
- The App notices it is connected to the Guest Wifi and recognizes which store it is in
- Offers guest several options on another menu for guest assistance
- Guest selects to page for assistance and is routed via App to the store server
- Redwire picks it up and sends out an alert to all Salesfloor TM's iPod's that assistance is needed over in Softlines


- Guest selects to message/text TM's for assistance and ask them a question via Redwire instead
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