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Jul 19, 2011
For those of you who work in Distribution:

Productivity in multiple departments has gone UP as they always have... and we're always told that it's based on an average of the top 10 buildings. My question is:
Of these Top 10 buildings, how many are already up and running with the New Big Thing in DC's? (I'd rather not talk about what it is... [Trade Secrets]... but it's gone live in several DC's and being constructed in more.)

So why are they comparing Apples and Oranges and expecting those DCs who haven't implemented the new technology to keep up with those that have?

Issues like these are rarely brought up, and in higher levels of management... are usually responded to with a generic answer that really isn't an answer.

Thoughts.... anyone?
well by several I'll assume you were referring to the 3 buildings that currently have tiny burden. you'll notice in every DMA that those buildings trend in the lower end of the scale 590,3811 and 594 IIRC. Now what your GL's will tell you is that well we don't yet have an accurate metric to properly compare buildings with the ******** system to those without , so i'd be like comparing apples and oranges. However it does efficiently remove the need for a lot of rolling stock, and operators so it must be doing something. What I find interesting is that TGT recently changed there system integrator for the ******** system apparently the Swiss made a right mess of things. Now i think it will be interesting to see how the next supplier handles the system.
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