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Jun 8, 2011
You should ask a back room tm or a back room certified tm to pull it for you. I am not sure what position you do.

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Apr 13, 2012
To pull a batch
1. Under RF Apps, type in "PULL"

2. a list will appear with all the type of batches there is, autofills, POGs, Price Changes etc, these all have a corresponding number... if there is a number next to it that will show how many batches there are for that certain type of batch.

3. say you want to pull CAFs, under AUTOFILLS you press its corresponding number which is "1" and a new menu will show up.

4. there will be an option for AUTOFILLS, SCHEDULED CAFS and MANUAL CAFS, each with a corresponding number, so since you pull CAFs, you press its corresponding number which is "2".

5. now you have opened up the list of batches... each batch will have a fill group name, some examples of fill groups would be CHEM (Chemicals), SNCK (Snack), PETS (Pets), FURN (Furniture) etc... your backroom aisles will have these labels on them so you know where it is.

6. to open, and pull these batches, there is a corresponding 4 digit code next to the fill group name, for example say you want to pull CHEM, it will have a random 4 digit number lets say 4562, you just type in that number, press enter, and it will ask you if you acknowledge pulling this batch, press A, for yes, and R, for return if you dont want to pull it right now.

7. now that you've entered the batch, it will tell you to go to the first location to pull, a backroom location looks like this, im just using an example...01A 030A25...01A is the stockroom...30 is the aisle number..."A" is the section letter (all backroom aisles have section letters)...25 is the waco location....

8. find the location and scan the label...the PDA will beep once, now scan everything inside the waco, if you scan an item and it beeps once, that meens that it dosent want that item in particular so you keep scanning...if you scan something and it beeps twice, that meens it wants that item you scanned, your PDA will tell you what the item is, the DPCI, and how much of it you should pull, so if it wants 4 of these items, press the number 4, press enter, and put those items in your smart cart. As soon as you press enter, it will take you to the next location for that fill group and you repeat the steps until it tells you that you are finished.

9. Once you are finished it will tell press "C" to continue, and it takes you back to the batch list, then look for another batch to pull, press its 4 digit number and repeat the process...

but if your not a backtoom team member, i suggest that you either have a backroom team member pull batches for you or have them show you in person how to do it, it can be a little confusing at first.

this is just the basic run down of how its done, if you need help with anything else backroom related, just send me a message and ile help you out.
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