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Oct 29, 2011
I made a post a day ago about maybe being hired on from my seasonal position, but I'm confused. The new schedule that was posted up today showed that I wasn't scheduled the whole week and so I assumed that I didn't get hired on and was let go. Then, I remembered someone saying look at the back of the schedule to see if your name is still on it so I did and it still has my name but it just says available throughout the whole week. So does that mean I will still be on the schedule whenever the new one is posted up until my 90 days or does it mean that they already let me go? HR hasn't called me in to discuss anything yet but I was just curious. A few people also wasn't scheduled but their name is also in the back with Available. Is there anyone that can clarify this up for me? I'm kinda mad and disappointed because one of the other seasonal worker is on the schedule and which sucks because he did a no call no show and if they kept him on that sucks even more. He's a cool guy but still.
It Is suggested to call your hr. they may not have any hours for your workcenter. Ck the swap shift sheet too.
Good luck!
Your seasonal time period should not be ending at this time. It may be a that your work center is slowing down & doesn't have as many hours to give out. Or its a transition from seasonal to permanent. Or its a HR typo, I know I had weeks where I wasn't on the printed schedule, but I was actually on the computer schedule. You may want to check eHR.

If you were not hired on, most stores will give out a letter saying thank you for helping and please apply when a position opens..
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Either they missed scheduling you, or there aren't enough hours to go around. We ALWAYS make sure that even the seasonal team members have at least one shift per week.
For everyone though -- there are no guarantee of hours. Zero to 40 per week - can be any amount.
I know last year our seasonals were on the last schedule and they were cut out during the middle of it. They were even still on the grid, lead to one of the ETLs calling one of the seasonal's names on the walky several times before the ETL-HR finally got on and said "... she's no longer working here."

So, basically it's going to vary from store to store. Just talk to someone.
I was told today that seasonal help is normally gone by the 2cd of this true?

It'll depend on your store, either way a lot of the seasonal should have already started receiving notice or should be receiving notice very soon of their last day if they are not staying on.
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