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Jun 28, 2012
How many areas (aisles) do you generally work in? When I first started working for Spot a few months ago, it was 1 team member for every 2 aisles. e.g. 1 in A and B, 1 in C and D etc.
For the last two weeks though, I've been working 3 aisles (A, B, and C) As if we already didn't do enough zoning and reshop, you're going to make us do an extra aisle?
My weekday shifts are only 5 and a half hours long. I usually end up not being able to zone the last 5 or 6 aisles in an area. On weekends, I barely have enough time to even get started on the 3rd area (Not that it feels like I'm not working fast enough. The other TMs with 3 areas don't either) Without revealing what store I'm in, I'll just say I work in one of the top 20 busiest Target stores.
Is this the new norm? What about you guys?
Ideally we try to have one TM per block, but lately we've had to double up and have one for A&B one for C&D one for G& mini seasonal and one for E & Seasonal. I of course have Electronics, and once I am finished I usually help out in toys or infants.
Before I left the company, my store was only scheduling 1 Electronics TM (usually covering MMB/Toys as well) and 2 Hardline TMs covering ABCDEF and Seasonal with only a 5 1/2 hour shift or so. Usually my store would ignore market/H&B/Office until the end of the night since it was usually shopped all throughout the night, then we team zone after closing.

The best plan to attack the areas that need the least amount of zoning first. Usually the big package items (storage/small appliances/bedding) are easy and fast. You will usually only have to make one pass with light touch up later on. Then work your to the heaviest hit areas or areas that require detailing the zone (towels/chemicals/toys/H&B/picture frames/market).

And always grab your reshop at the start of you shift and after coming back from breaks, or when called. And zone the areas were you restock your reshop.
during the week we have two people for H&B, one for Domestics, one for Electronics and toys, and then at the end of the night they all head to seasonal.
We have two for market and three for softlines. During the weekend bump up hardlines to two more people for close and softlines one more. Market stays with two but meat also helps zone.
Some stores may still practice it. But because a number of stores received complaints that guests couldn't find any team members or it appeared that the TMs were hanging out, many stores phased it out.
My store does do the wave zone & it has its issues some nights we will have 3 people wave zoning and some nights we may only have 1 due to the lack of hours but hitting sales every day & hiring more people the biggest issue we have for closing is we never can fully finish no matter how many are on it thurs thru Sunday is the worst for reshop for ex. Last Sunday we made goal by 30k but only had 4 sf people closing 1 FR 1 elect 1 sl & 1 hl with 1 gsa 1 $ & 1 gs got out at 1145pm after store closing at 10 & still couldn't complete 4 hardlines reshop carts & 7 softlines carts & a rail & a half I hope hours get to be fixed there's a lot of frusted people bc of this and the morale keeps gettin lower
The wave zone doesn't bother me too much on weekdays (unless, of course I'm working an extra aisle like I have been for the past two weeks) But if I'm working a 6 hour closing shift on the weekend, the 30 minutes we spend doing the wave zone is a huge chunk of time taken out to finish my stuff. If I finish early, I always volunteer to help out some where else. Usually softlines, or H&B need help.
I don't remember if Tax free weekend starts today or tomorrow...? Either way, it's gonna suck.
And Hardlinesmaster, I know how you feel. Every time I'm scheduled for a cashier shift I always get moved over to Electronics or some where else in Hardlines.
I can see this for like some sleepy low volume store, but when you're super high volume this is just ridiculous. Our store is running on the same amount of manpower right now. They need to just suck it up and staff stores appropriately. If your store is that busy and you have one TM covering 3 departments your store is going to look like crap. And your TMs are not going to remotely be able to provide any kind of decent guest service. I would say MINIMUM you need one TM per department (A,B,C,D,E,F) and any who finish early help other depts. In a perfect world you would have 2 per dept and you actually zone (you know, perfectly, to planogram), and have no reshop. But, I digress. That would be asking far too much.

The only time I ever liked the wave zone was one time back when I was hardlines and I was the only person on the hardlines salesfloor (there was one in elec, who obviously had to stay there) and so for the wave zone it was myself and two hardlines ETLs. It was good for a laugh at least.
Toys and seasonal are worst for reshop. At Sunday morning there are at least 20 carts of seasonal, and 10 of toys, half of that during the slow days.
3 peaople in A (2 for health and beauty/pharmacy/cosmetics, 1 for pets/chemicals), 1 in B, 1 in C, 1 in D, 1 in E, 1-2 in electronics/MMB, 1 in Seasonal, 2 in market. Yay for being in a high-volume store
We usually have 1 for electronics, who does all of toys, entertainment, luggage, electronics, sporting goods, and sometimes helps in seasonal and mini seasonal. Have an operator til 9. Have pfresh working til 9 who has to take care of everything for pfresh and zone dry grocery (me, horray!!, also, near impossible)

For actual SF closing, weekdays are pretty light. Usually its 2 in Hardlines, and then 1-2 in softlines with the LOD helping wherever needs it. Tonight for example, we had one person do A, the LOD did B, another TM did domestics (C+D) and I was in G, and only got half way cuz i had like 25 guests ask me for things plus I had my pfresh stuff to do.

Tonight we had 2 SF callouts, oh the joy =).
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Typical closing in Hardlines in my store:

1 in A (HBA/Pets/Chemicals), 1 in B (Stationery/Office/Small Appliances/Kitchenware), 1 in C and D (Domestics), 1 in E (Toys/Sporting Goods/Automotive), 1 in Electronics and MMB, 1 in P-Fresh, 1 in Dry Market. Electronics and Dry help in Seasonal if E can't, and either B or Dry does Paper (which is in low G block). There may also be a TM scheduled under Zone to push CAFS - if not, then Backroom does it. If the CAF pusher is ahead of the game on CAFS, they'll help with re-shop and zoning.

Not sure how Softlines allocates TMs, but if it's not constantly backed up at the lanes, 1 or 2 cashiers will often help with re-shop so the sales floor can focus on zoning.
Last night we actually got back into our old grove. I actually had time to do other things other than zone. Of course, it being tax free weekend here and all, there was still about a cart of reshop left for each section. Could be worse, I guess. I was talking to some coworkers last night about how they worked black Friday. Tons upon tons of reshop. Not leaving until 1 in the morning and then coming back in at 9 a.m. :(
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