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Jun 10, 2011
So........I'm scheduled to close in hardlines for the first time on Friday night. I haven't been officially trained (i.e. learning plan), but I do know some basic sales floor stuff. I was told I would mostly be doing reshop and zoning. I've done some reshop here and there, but I've never really zoned away from the checklanes.

If anyone would care to fill me in on closing routines and how to zone efficiently, I would greatly appreciate it.
Interesting note: You all have SFTMs that push CAFs? Wow.

Since our flow team is overnight, we have to have our sales floor team push CAFs. Designated CAF pushers usually get scheduled under "Zone," but we haven't had any "Zone" hours lately, so someone from hardlines pushes the CAFs.
Also, Zone Kit's are your friend, should you need to tape up an item, replace a fastback, or administer a doit to an item.

Doits are my best friend at the lanes because people can't possibly take those Slim Jim twin packs and mini Legos off the pegs without ripping them.
Thanks everyone for your help! I'm gonna be heading out soon, so here goes nothing!
LOD put me in A (shudders). But I did manage to get compliments on my zoning (particularly the toothpaste) from one of the TLs. Of course, it helped that our cosmetics brand TM zoned about half of HBA herself. I started with cleaning supplies and worked my way away from market toward the front end, and I got as far as men's soap/deodorant/shaving stuff before we started closing routines.

Let's just say zoning the lanes after the store closed never seemed easier. :D
Good job, mr k!
I forgot to say do a spot ck the expiration dates on products while zoning. This is called FIFO, fresh in & first out. Ck eyewash, pills, nicerote, & First aid stuff.

I didn't get as far as the medicines, though I have done a little FIFO at the lanes (I found gum a couple weeks ago that expired in 2010!). I kinda forgot about it though when I was working on pet food and meds. D-:

Oh wow, they really kinda just threw you in the deep end of the pool there. I don't know about other stores, but we don't zone chemicals, overnight usually does stuff with that. Usually though when I am stuck up in A (rarely happens), I start from pets and work my way over from there.

I hadn't worked on the floor with this LOD before, so she probably didn't realize it. One of the other TMs told me that good zoners get put in A, which made me wonder what the hell I was doing over there.
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I finally get some hardlines training this week! I have three training shifts for a total of 18.75 hours, and SrTL is hoping I can get my learning plan finished this week (and possibly learn bike assembly at some point in the future).
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