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Dec 12, 2013
I'm not sure how many of these threads have been made, so I'm sorry for another one, but I just wanted some opinions from permanent employees regarding my chances of being offered a permanent position. I was hired as a Seasonal Cashier during the first week of November and had finished my training and was on cash by the second or third shift. So, I've been working for about a month. I'm still learning everyday but I'm getting into the groove of things and I guess everything is going smoothly. I'm probably not the quickest learning employee they've had, but I work hard and am genuinely happy to be there.

I have open availability everyday from open to close, so they've scheduled me opening, closing, and mid-day shifts. They've called me multiple times to pick up shifts when they've been understaffed and I've taken every one they've asked me to. They even asked me to pick up a hardlines shift during my second week, and although I was given very little instruction or training, I managed to get through it, so I have a general idea of how to work on the sales floor as well, and am willing to be cross trained if need be, which I mentioned during my interview. I've never called out or booked time off, although I need to book off the 31st as I'm going out of town for New Years.

I'd like to think I'm a flexible, reliable employee. I'm working 30-40 hours per week, which is much more than what some of their permanent employees get. I once helped a permanent employee when her register froze and the receipt printer shut down in the middle of a $400 transaction. She didn't know how to suspend it onto another register but I managed to figure it out, print the receipt out on my register, and finish the transaction and cash the guest out on mine. We also had a misunderstanding regarding toys that were on sale, expensive toys might I add, that customers were getting for 50% off after arguing with us at the check lanes. After this happened with numerous guests and the GSAs kept insisting that we give it to them at the discounted price, I brought it to the GSA's attention, and they realized that we were, in fact, wrongly giving these items to them for half the price. They've also complemented me on how I always manage to keep busy, whether it's refilling bags, tidying up all the registers, constantly emptying hangers and reshop, etc. As far as the Red Card, it doesn't seem to be as big here in Canada, as I haven't heard any other cashiers advertise it to guests unless the guest asks about it, so I haven't really mentioned it either unless they ask.

The only big issue I've had thus far is that I hit compliance on Black Friday. I was still fairly new, and with how busy and hectic it was that day, I completely lost track of time, and I assumed a GSA would come to relieve me when I could go for break. It wasn't until the 5 and a half hour mark when we got a bit of down time that I flicked my light on and asked for myself. So, HR talked to me about that, but now I know to take the initiative and ask to go for break before hitting compliance.

The GSAs and GSTLs seem to like me for the most part. I just feel like some of them get a little annoyed with the amount of questions I ask. I flick my light up for assistance multiple times a shift, simply because I don't like being interrogated by guests and not knowing the correct information to give them, and because I don't want to get in trouble for doing something wrong, so I always like to verify with them and make sure I'm doing things right if I'm confused and don't know what to do.

I know they've hired a few other Seasonal Cashiers, and I'm not sure how many they typically keep. My overall performance is probably up to par with them, but I do ask for assistance more than they seem to. I feel like the only thing that gives me an edge at this point is my open availability. I do work another part time job at the moment, so I've been working 60+ hour work weeks, simply because I need to keep my other job if I'm not offered a permanent position here. I'd much rather keep this one though. I like it much better, and it's way more professional and treats its employees better.

So, how does it look in regards to becoming permanent? And if anyone could tell me how to improve my chances, I'd appreciate it.



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Jul 14, 2013
It seems like you'll be kept on! The Black Friday compliance thing was probably their fault since they didn't tell you to go, but just try your best to keep on top of it. Other than that, if I were a GSTL I would keep you.


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Jun 10, 2011
Welcome to The Break Room.

We can only guess sorry to say, it's all going to come down to the needs of your store and how business is going.
In terms of what will guarantee that they will keep you on the one thing is if you become a Red Card Master.
A bunch of those every shift and the job is yours.
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