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Dec 7, 2011
I got a job at Target back in late October, as a seasonal position. They hired me on as a Flow Team Member. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I'm right on time with the time limit they give us. Wherever I need help lifting something, I get someone to help me. I ask questions if I don't understand something. They seem to really like that. I'm mainly in Seasonal before the huddle, seasonal is mainly the worst in the store. (Though they said today this week will be the last of the seasonal we'll be getting) But I do take out whatever is needed to go out to the floor. Usually they send me over to Softlines or wherever it's most needed at that day after the huddle. I always stay over for Flow if they ask us to stay an extra 45 minutes. We're scheduled until 10am, but I always stay a little over when it's needed. I've been called in three times for cashier and each time I have came in. I took up an extra shift for someone on cashier and it was only a four hour shift and they asked if I wanted to stay for eight hours and I did. And I told they them I am always willing to learn new parts of the store. What are the odds of them hiring me on after my 90 days? I know it'll be coming up around the middle of January. Will they call me into the office and ask me if I want to be hired on or what? I'm sure you guys get a lot of seasonal questions, but I've just been really worried about them hiring me on or not.
I knew I was hired on when I kept getting scheduled throughout January. It's really going to depend on what your store has room for. Sometimes really good people are let go, but rarely are bad people ever kept. It seems like you are setting yourself aside from the rest (they like it when you pick up shifts and stay late--that's right, they like giving you money!) so that should be pretty helpful.
it seems like you are doing everything right to have the best chance,I wish you the best.
I'd beg my etl to keep you. Your chances are pretty good just make sure your etl and Tl know you want to stay and keep up the great work and attitude :)
Sounds like you've got a pretty good chance of staying on. I would imagine either your TL or ETL will let you know if they decide to keep you. I was hired as seasonal last year, and just before Christmas, one of the GSTLs talked to me and gave me a letter from the ETL-HR asking if I was interested in staying on as a regular.
As a Flow TL I never let anyone go that was good. You stay to help are getting cross-trained in other areas, show up on time.... I'd say you weren't going anywhere. I started as seasonal did the same as you did and moved up to TL. An ETL came and found me on the floor one night in December and asked me to stay on. I only started in November. They notice hard workers.
wish our seasonals were half that good :/ id seriously pay to have them fired and just give me the hours to do the work right
Sounds like you're doing the right things.
Stick to your guns and I'm sure things will be fine.
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